New Concept Custom Wagons: Customizable Mobility Scooters

New Concept Custom Wagons Info

These New Concept Custom Wagons prove personal mobility can be fun, and provide utility. These custom wagons are hand built in America. New Concept Custom Wagons are an all terrain, commercial grade, heavy hauler electric wagon. They also have a top speed of up to 8 MPH and can drive up to 30 miles on a single charge. It pulls both you, and your payload to get the job done without the handicap stigma.

Handicapped or not if you need personal transportation, you will not find a higher quality electric scooter on the market today. These are also ideal as a kiosk for your business. These multi-purpose mobility wagons will get you from home to wherever you are going, whether it be a simple trip to the grocery store, or a large venue event. Go anywhere you want to go, inside or outside, day or night with ease, comfort, and safety.

These Custom Wagons Are ADA Compliant

This Is Our Answer To Personal Mobility With Work Load Capacity All Terrain Indoors And Out ADA Compliant. The Super Wagon Express Heavy Hauler Electric Powered Wagon “Pat. Pending”