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This is information that you should know before you invest in restored vintage gas pumps, Coke machines, and other restored collectables and antiques.

There are standards by which a restored vintage artifact should be measured against in the marketplace today. They break down to Museum Quality, Historically Correct, In Original Working Order and then there’s the rest – a multitude of levels performed by other subpar restoration service companies and garage restorers. Museum quality is the very best that can be done by anyone bar none, and the only quality restoration service provided by Scottsdale Art Factory.

Fine art restoration service, provided at this level will always ensure your investment is recoverable and may possibily become an appreciable asset. Your vintage restoration investment should increase at a rate that is better performing than most standard investments in the current market due to the growing demand and limited supply of these collectable antiques. Keep in mind everyone always want the best even if its not in the budget. This always means a fast recovery or appreciation in value should you want to liquidate.

Obviously the best restoration service is sought out by professorial collectors. Our restored vintage gas pumps and collectables can be insured for full purchase value or even more than was invested based on market value. This high quality of antique restoration also ensures pride of ownership of a historic, signature certified H.J. Nick, fine art, museum quality collectable that can be virtually liquidated at will if one desires.

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Industry Leader In Antique Restoration Services & Fine Art Furnishings

As you probably know we are the industry leader in fine art furnishings and restorations – everything from Frank Lloyd Wright, Greene and Greene, Chippendale to restorations of classic and antique Americana such as vintage gas pumps etc. All backed by a century of detailed signature fine art performed to world class collector standards. This Quality Guarantee applies to all of our products new or old.

Preserving the lost arts and craftsman movement has been our passion for over 100 years. Under our non-profit efforts we have contributed to this cause through teaching, apprenticeships, and manufacturing opportunities creating American jobs that allows a non skilled worker the opportunity to become skilled to a world class standard. Our all American work force is classically trained to perform to these age old traditional master craftsman standards of construction and restoration giving us the unique ability to bring what is old back to better than new condition.

That being said, in this area of expertise we offer our knowledge to serious collectors – from beginners to experts – for the asking and believe it is our responsibility to share with the world community the facts about collecting and preserving American history in the form of antiques and classic restorations at no charge. In the following we will explain what we mean by “Then There’s The Rest.”

We Will Use A Gas Pump Restoration As Our Example – These Basic Principles Will Apply To All Restorations

  1. If you study most vintage gas pump restorations you will usually find, even though it looks good at first blush, most are really fast process jobs. You may notice the paint does not have depth and richness or may show orange peel or other anomalies. Maybe you see its only been painted where it shows, but not on internals or other hidden places etc. This always shows lack of fine detail.
  2. You may notice decals that have been clear coated over or just stuck on the surface with gas company logos etc. Most gas pumps prior to 1964 would never have decals in any form. These should be genuine porcelain signage found within the proper operational era.
  3. You may notice the internals have been painted and some or all of the internal parts are missing and not in working order. Please keep in mind if you were purchasing a collector car, and someone gutted it and it did not run this would dramatically reduce its value. It is the same with gas pumps, Coca-Cola machines etc. In fact, in our opinion, this kind of restoration brings its value lower than a rusty version with all of its parts. This applies to all restorations because a non functioning, non historically correct restoration is really of no investment value at all.
  4. You may notice the gas cylinder jar is acrylic, or other parts such as the model badges, nozzles, etc. are not historically correct or in functioning order. Most brass parts, badges, name plates, etc. should be polished but not replaced with reproductions.
  5. You may notice import globes, signage, badges, and locks that are not correct (known as re pops). These are good indicators that the restoration was a fast process job. The correct signage is almost always going to be a genuine porcelain sign for the correct era. The globe should always be from the correct era, usually milk glass, or heavy metal with real glass oil signage (without Made in China on it or a current date). The only exceptions are fantasy restorations.

When You Deserve The Best – ArtFactory.com Fine Art Museum Quality Restoration Should Be Your Choice

Some Pertinent Information About Other Automobilia Such As Antique and Classic Signs

We Never Recondition Or Restore Genuine Signs
It is our professional position that a restored or doctored sign is rendered to almost no value as an investment quality collectable. Our position is that American signage is a big part of American history and represents our cultural identity for a time when America was at its best. We feel these cultural icons should, at all costs, be preserved in their natural state and be observed as historically correct. We only offer genuine investment quality signs – we guarantee it. If for some reason a fake has slipped past our rigorous inspection we will always correct our error to your satisfaction.

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We do not sell items through this auction, nor do we have any direct affiliation with Barrett-Jackson auctions. We do feel it represents a wide cross section of professional collectors around the globe, and is the foremost auction company anywhere in the world. Since this auction sets the trend and keeps meticulous records of its sales over many years time, we feel the study of these sales will allow any collector a true unbiased value on these items at sale, as well as how the market trends are moving. We also feel our consistent standards of restoration are in many cases superior to many of these similar items sold on this auction platform.

At Scottsdale Art Factory we buy entire collections of high quality antiques or “junk”, old gas pumps, coke machines and much more automobilia and vintage petroleum memorabilia, man cave toys, and vintage signs.
Any Condition – Top Dollar Cash – We Pick Up or Ship Worldwide, contact us or call 1-800-292-0008.

When You Choose To Sell To Scottsdale Art Factory Much More Happens Than A Company Making A Profit
Most of our historically correct restored items are utilized for very good causes and many go to not for profit museums around the world. When we have the privilege to purchase your vintage American cultural icons you can be reassured they will be treated with the utmost respect, restored to museum quality, signs preserved in their natural state, historically researched and presented in a way that preserves each item’s historical dignity. Not to mention you are helping American families enjoy gainful employment while being educated on this important American history.

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