Restored Vending Machines: Restorations To Full Working Order

Antique Restored Vending Machines From

Restored Vending Machines To Museum Quality Standards

At we restore antique vending machines of all types, shapes, and sizes. If you are looking for a vintage Coca Cola or Pepsi Machine, Candy Machine, Slot Machine, or any other type of vintage vendor, we have you covered. All of our restorations are done to full, working museum quality, and all machines are restored to original, historically correct specifications.

Every item we restore is a genuine, original. Each machine is detailed, or rebuilt inside and out. These are restorations to world class investment quality, and fine art collector museum standards. Whenever it is possible, our restorations use only original parts. In the event that a part is not available, we have the capability to build the correct part to historically correct specifications. Our classically trained, world-class work force of master craftsmen, allow our restorations to achieve a level of historical correctness that is unsurpassed by anyone. There is no other restorations shop that can claim the level of ability, or of attention to detail as our experts at It is this attention to detail that assures the investment value of your collectable.

About Man Cave Collectibles Restorations

While we are known for our furniture, we are also one of the leading authorities on restored collectible Americana. At, we have some of the finest examples of working, fully restored, vintage visible gas pumps in the world. We also do restorations on vending and soda machine, antique neon signs, slot machines, and collectible antique toys just to name a few. Bringing back memories of your life experience by fine art restorations of your vintage artifacts is our privilege. We always guarantee our work to your satisfaction or your money back, backed by over a century of experience.