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We are the oldest and largest restorer of fine art, historically correct, museum quality antiques and genuine investment quality unrestored classic Americana - namely signs. Museum quality historically correct indicates a world class restoration process, preserving all original signs, badges, glass with anomalies, natural aged patina, ect. with non-structural damage - all age, wear and tear is proudly displayed when possible.

Restored Antiques and Vintage Classic collectibles

When you deserve the best, order one of our restored antiques or vintage classic collectibles, or request us to restore your prized heirloom or collectible to fine art standards - historically correct with genuine vintage parts. Every restoration is backed by our money back satisfaction guaranty, and signed by renowned artist H. J. Nick. Scottsdale Art Factory boasts over a century of fine art, world class, museum quality restoration and manufacturing services since 1913.

We have the good fortune to be in high demand for our vintage restoration collectibles, due to our earned reputation over the last century. There is always a waiting list for most items. We suggest if you're looking for a specific collectible, restored to this level, or if you are looking for a genuine collector sign, vintage gas pump, etc. please ask to be put on our first come, first serve list (refundable deposit is required).

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Man Cave Collector Information

We build complete, historically correct, vintage man cave displays that are authentic in every detail, such as filling stations, soda fountains, drive-ins, and many other environments - in any era you wish to create for your enjoyment or business. We pre-fab entire, free standing, fully functional historical sets, in full detail for - store fronts, your favorite "back in the day" hang-out, outdoor or indoor displays to fit any specifications. Simply send us your photos, drawings, or description and we will design and build to your specifications.

Our fine art manufacturing facility, and classically trained craftsman, allow for original craft production - not fake reproductions - resulting in a museum quality, historically correct man cave environment of your dreams to become your reality. These man caves can come completely adorned by genuine unrestored antique or classic investment-quality collectible artifacts - such as shown in our 20th-century Texaco Station.

Vintage Americana Gas Pumps Antique Signs

Genuine collectible Americana Restored at

All genuine collectible Americana is approved and guaranteed to be authentic by artist and design expert H. J. Nick., a handmade in America custom Fine Art Furnishings manufacturer based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been designing, building, and restoring some of the world's finest antiques, and fine art furniture for everyone from ordinary clients to the finest designers and the world's most prominent leaders, royalty, and celebrities for over a century. Most of our clients want finished product that has the big "wow" factor and elegance, but all want investment value and quality that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality or the personality of the environment for which the furnishings are intended.

We are one of the world's foremost fine art furniture, door, and hardware manufacturers and antique restorers with a large, classically trained, American workforce in blacksmithing, metal working, woodworking, leather and upholstery, glass, stone, and mechanical repair. This allows us to work in the same hand and materials as our forefathers such as Thomas Chippendale (English furniture builder), George Hepplewhite (English furniture builder), Stephen's Brothers (boat builders), H. A. Moyer (carriage builders), Gustav Stickley (American Manufacturer) just to mention a few of the finest builders throughout history. No matter the era, our attention to detail, and fine art craftsmanship, allows us to restore your collector antique furnishing, artifact or classic collectible to the highest quality that can be achieved - to world class collectors' standard. At Scottsdale Art Factory, we have been restoring American history, one piece at a time, since 1913.

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Old Gas Pumps - Automobilia And Vintage Petroleum Memorabilia - Vintage Signs

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Genuine Collector Quality Vintage Signs and Gas Pumps

We only offer genuine old antique Americana - authenticity guaranteed. Most of our antique signs have never been for sale in the past. They were found in private collections, held for many years prior to our offering them for sale. No antiques we deal in are doctored or upgraded to appear better than they actually are - we guarantee your satisfaction. Many of these vintage collectible signs are acquired when we create Man Caves designed for professional collectors who have excess duplications of collected "hoarded some wives say" Displays vintage Americana. Note - we do not manufacture or purchase reproduction signs - no fakes - for resale.

We also have enjoyed relationships with junkers for many years prior to what is today called "pickers" - due to the popularity of American Pickers TV show on the History channel. We have developed many relationships nationwide with expert persons that liquidate complete collections and estates nation wide, allowing us to decorate our collector correct man cave displays in high quality genuine antiques since the early 1900s. With all of our genuine antique decorator or collector items, we attempt to provide an accurate history of the birth and life of each item. We offer these items for sale individually, on a first come, first serve basis, and as always your satisfaction is guaranteed and backed by our century long impeccable reputation in dealing in fine art furnishings and restorations.

There is no need to be a experienced collector to enjoy Americana from days gone by - use our guaranteed genuine investment quality antique signs to help create your dream bar, den, man-cave, entertainment room or classic museum with full confidence your memorabilia collection is authentic. Take a look at our Pre Fabricated Displays For Garages, Barns, Commercial Displays Any Size - Man Caves

All items are guaranteed to be as represented in our catalog. All sales are final, see our shipping policy. Our collector signage inventory changes daily and is offered on a first come, first serve basis. We do not guarantee that every photo shown in our catalog is currently available. To check availability please call us at 1-800-292-0008.

Vintage Gas Pumps Restorations Antiques

Learn more about the Historical Facts of the Gasoline Pump and our collection of classic and vintage Americana.

More About Man Caves
In a world of increasing uncertainty and challenges to their individuality, an increasing number of men are finding the best way to deal with the pressure of modern society is to go back to the cave. One of the hottest trends in domestic reconfiguration is the concept of the "Man Cave" - a designated space in or around the home where a man can seek refuge from worldly or domestic distractions and immerse himself in personal indulgence.

For some, it's a simple retreat outfitted with a second-hand television and a worn out sofa in the garage. It's a place men can gather to smoke cigars, watch football and drink beer without being a burden on traditional domestic tranquility. Others seek a designated location in which they can surround themselves with types of prized possessions most women don't understand and won't allow to be showcased in their homes. Men understand prized possessions like sports memorabilia, a vintage slot car setup or a vintage collection of Gas Station Memorabilia. Thus a compromise is reached. Women get full rights to domestic property, including home and yard, in exchange for a fortress of solitude where the man of the house can temporarily escape his wife, her friends, his kids and anyone determined not to be cave-worthy.

While any self-contained enclosure can be designated as Man Cave, the preferred space should be separate and distinct from traditional living space. A spare bedroom can do in a pinch, but a detached garage is better. A prefabricated building constructed a distance from the house is better still. Whatever space is designated for your Man Cave, you'll want to address basic issues of comfort and security. As on man puts it, "A man cave is a popular place for guys to come over and watch football. They'd rather get together at my place than deal with their wives or girlfriends complaining about us hanging out."

Not all Man Caves are low rent districts with meager surroundings and second-hand furnishings. Celebrities and the wealthy have embraced the concept - investigating significantly in custom construction and accessories to outfit their luxury Man Caves. "Having a specific theme that carries through the entire space is a good way to reflect the personality of the cave dweller," said H. J. Nick of the Scottsdale Art Factory. "Sports themes like football, baseball and NASCAR are particularly popular." The top addition to upscale Man Caves is a billiards table. Poker tables, bars, jukeboxes, foosball tables, shuffleboard, ping pong tables, air hockey, pin ball and game systems are popular add-ons as well. The price range for upscale recreation can be significant. While some well heeled Man Cave dwellers opt for immediate gratification and order a custom prefabricated man cave complete with their theme and collection from, most approach the furnishing of their man space as a long-term project - starting off with the basics and adding additional elements over time. But Man Caves do not have to be large, elaborate or expensive to fulfill their raison d'etre. The function of the Man Cave is a haven of retreat - a not-so-secret place to get away to recharge the batteries, gather with like-minded friends or temporarily escape worrisome or bothersome distractions. has the answers, call to discuss your project 1-800-292-0008.

Custom Pool Tables, Billiards Game Room
Retro Shop American Vintage Restoration

At our retro facility, a restored antique or new product is guaranteed to be the best built or restored to world class collector standards. Antique gas pumps, vintage Coke machines, antique furniture, or automobilia restoration, is the process of repairing the degraded aspect of a classic or vintage furnishing to return it to an overall "authentic" condition. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. All vintage, antiques, artifacts, or restorations are guaranteed to be as represented, upon delivery and your inspection, or we will refund your money and pay the freight both ways - all backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship. Learn more about our Retro Shop and American vintage restoration services from Scottsdale Art Factory.

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