Affordable Starter Collectibles: Petroliana, Americana, Automobilia

If A World Class Fine Art Museum And Investment Quality Collectible Signed By H.J. Nick Is Out Of Your Budget

When we buy large collections, we usually have to purchase everything in the room. We note items, and explain the historical significance, and any unique details about them as best we can. Items In this Affordable Starter Collectibles section are like would be found at most auctions, on social media, or listed on places like Ebay. Many of these items have been very nicely reconditioned by the previous owner, and we offer these items at prices much less than the auction market.

Most are not museum or investment quality. However, each item offered has been inspected by award winning artist H.J. Nick and our in house experts, or improved by our restorations department. All items in this section are offered in (as-is condition), and guaranteed to be as described on our website. All Affordable Starter Collectible items are first come first serve, and are sold as is. We ship world wide, call 1-800-292-0008 or email for more info.

We buy individual pieces or entire collections of high quality antiques or “junk”, old gas pumps, coke and vending machines, automobilia, vintage petroliana, vintage signs, and much more.

We Pay Top Dollar Cash – We Pick Up or Ship Worldwide, contact us by email or call

1-800-292-0008 Collectibles Bone Yard

The bone yard has been created for those that may want inexpensive barn fresh genuine Americana for decor or parts. See our Boneyard listings for other bargains and fix it your self opportunities or many other items that we have determined that may be reproductions or not worthy of our restoration process or improvements by us.

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About Man Cave Collectibles Restorations

While we are known for our furniture, we are also one of the leading authorities on restored collectible Americana. At, we have some of the finest examples of working, fully restored, vintage visible gas pumps in the world. We also do restorations on vending and soda machine, antique neon signs, slot machines, and collectible antique toys just to name a few. Bringing back memories of your life experience by fine art restorations of your vintage artifacts is our privilege. We always guarantee our work to your satisfaction or your money back, backed by over a century of experience.

About The Vintage Collectibles Bone Yard

In our Bone Yard, you will fine original unrestored vintage gas pumps, vending machines, modern retro items, and anything else that doesn't meet our regular world class investment quality standards. We generally don't deal in parts, but on the occasion that we have them for sale you will find those in the Bone Yard as well. We often buy entire collections, and sometimes in these collections are items that have collectible value, but don't quite merit a museum quality restoration. For example, items that are post 1970 will often be found in the Bone Yard.