Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ’s And Item Policies

Below is a brief list of our most common FAQ's, and detailed information about our sold item policy, and the H.J. Nick Brass Tag Signature Certification. At, we have the largest collection of investment quality, original collectible signs for sale anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we are second-to-none when it comes to restoring America's finest antiques and collectibles to original, working, museum quality condition. We are "The Original American Restoration Company", with over a century of experience in restoring antique furnishings, and collectible memorabilia since 1913. Our vintage visible gas pump restorations are the best in the business due to our commitment to originality, and attention to detail.

We also have The World's Largest Man Cave (Airplane Hanger Sized) on-site, in our Scottsdale, Arizona showroom, where you can tour our entire collection of vintage Road Art and Americana for free of charge. It's like visiting a museum where every exhibit is for sale. We offer hundreds of original porcelain enamel, tin litho, and lighted neon advertisements, and specialize in petroliana, automobilia, general store and Americana, soda pop, vintage farming signs, and many more. In addition to vintage gas pumps, we also restore old soda machines, juke boxes, pinball machines, and more to original, working, museum quality condition.

All Sales And Quotes By Phone Only

It is frequently asked why items cannot be purchased and paid for directly on the website, and this is due to the extreme rarity and uniqueness of these items. At one point in time, over a decade ago, we had made some signs available for purchase directly through the website, but this resulted in issues where multiple customers placed orders for the same sign over the course of a weekend, and due to the fact that most of the items are one-of-a-kind, or extremely rare, it was impossible for us to fill both orders. Additionally, due to the nature of these items where something extremely small, such as what year the sign was made in, condition, logo variation, color variation, etc., that can sometimes make a difference of hundreds, or even thousands of dollars of value on these items, we find it important that we speak with the customer, to be able to establish that the item that is being purchased, is exactly the item that they want for their collection, before we collect any payment. In the past, when we have offered purchases directly from the site, we ended up with a high volume of returns, due to the customer purchasing a sign or item that was not the exact item that they were looking for.

We DO NOT Believe In Restoring Old Porcelain And Tin Litho Signs

We do not believe in restoring damage to porcelain signs because it is our belief, and the prevailing belief among collectors that this type of wear is part of the history of the collectible, and that every ding, dent, and in some cases bullet hole, helps to tell the story of that item. For example, damage that is consistent with being struck from a wind blown object is evidence that the sign was once displayed outside. Bullet holes would of course make it likely that the sign stood at the side of a road. Furthermore, there is no correct way to add new porcelain in a manor that would be consistent with a full museum quality restoration, and attempts at these types of restorations are generally frowned upon in the collector community. The only exception to this policy is when dealing with electrical components that are found on old neon and lighted signs.

Sold Collectibles And Signs Policy

It is our policy to leave all sold vintage collectible memorabilia, signs, and restorations for a varying period of time after the item is sold. This is done to allow time for the customer to collect any historic and photo information for their files, and also allows them time to be able to provide proof of provenance for insurance purposes. Certain items that have significant historical importance, or a great deal of historic information on the page may be left up for longer.

101 Point Neon And Electrical Lighted Sign Restorations

Except when noted as a "SURIVIOR CONDITION" sign, all neon and lighted signs have received a 101 point neon and/or electrical restoration. The electrical components are fully rebuilt or replaced as part of our 101 point, museum quality neon restorations. These restorations are done under the supervision of, certified, and signed by award winning artist H.J. Nick as meeting all world class fine are qualifications, with his "Brass Tag Signature Certification". This certification means each item bearing his signature is backed by over 100 years of manufacturing world class fine art handmade furnishings, and restoring America's finest collectibles to original, museum quality condition. It is a certification that is recognized worldwide by experienced collectors, museums, and insurance companies. All neon is rebuilt by our in house glass blowers, who have blown new glass and bent it by hand, using the same techniques and materials that were used for the original neon. Also, any electrical parts including wiring and solid state transformers (and flashers) have been replaced. The neon features a separate on/off toggle pull cord as pictured. To top it all off, (most) of our neon signs have been fitted with our proprietary, "H.J. Nick Fast Hanger Bar", which allows for a simple and easy way to have a straight and true hang, every time.

Item Sold At Reduced Price, Cannot Be Verified/Certified

These signs sold at a reduced cost were purchased as part of large collections. On average, we have been able to certify 98% of the items from these collections as real, original, genuine, and old, thus meaning it is overwhelmingly likely that the entire collection is authentic. As for the other 2% that we cannot verify, any time WE ARE NOT 100% SURE, these items are sold at a reduced price, making them the best value for your money.

Award Winning Artist H.J. Nick's Brass Tag Certification Details

The H.J. Nick Brass Tag Certification ensures each piece to be the genuine article. Backed by our over a century of experience, with our word is our bond reputation and guaranteeing or your money back “forever". The H.J. Nick Brass Tag Certification makes this item one of the highest appreciating, collectible investments that you can make. These items can be insured at stated value, usually on your home owners policy, for little added premium. Thus, making this a safer investment than even those insured by the FDIC, is much more fun to own, and puts you in control instead of the bank.