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Customized Multi-Purpose Electric Scooter: With Business Logo – SW17

We Know You’ll Agree That Our Super Custom Mobility Scooter Is a True Work Horse! Need more cargo space? Our Mobility Scooters Are Designed To Pull Our Deluxe, Super Wagon Hauler Trailer With Hidden Easy Slide Ramp

Our Super Wagon Customized Multi-Purpose Electric Scooter Gives You The Freedom, To Go Anywhere, With Space To Carry What You Need, And Haul Up To 900 Pounds



Customized Multi-Purpose Electric Scooter: With Business Logo

We created the custom wagon shown above for Wings of Strength - a group dedicated to providing support and opportunities for women bodybuilders. They needed a mobile scooter that could also carry inventory and other items for their shows and conventions. We custom designed their Super Wagon with their inspirational logo - the result was simply spectacular!

Customized Multipurpose Electric Scooter Go Anywhere And Carry What You Need In Style

Our Custom Mobility Scooter is designed for businesses and individuals who are looking for an electric scooter/hauler that offers freedom and function. Your Electric Mobility Wagon Scooter can drive up to 30 miles on a single charge and can be towed behind a pickup or car for longer distances. Built to order and ADA compliant.

Optional Hauler Trailer Available

Own A One-Of-A-Kind Multipurpose Electric Scooter Customized with Your Own Logo

Our durable Custom Electric Heavy Hauler Wagons are true multipurpose vehicles that can serve as a people hauler, beach wagon, cargo carrier, or mobile kiosk for trade shows, malls, retails outlets, and more! You can promote yourself or your products and use our vehicle as part of a rental fleet.

For individuals and families, this hauler will help you enjoy theme parks and other large venues where walking long distances and waiting in line can become tiresome. Your new Custom Mobility Scooter also allows for easy transportation of little ones or handicapped persons, and is a convenient transport carrier for coolers, toys, blankets, towels, extra clothes, and even the family dog. Custom Mobility Scooters Are Sustainable and Built with Function in Mind.

Our Super Wagon Mobility Scooters give you the freedom to go anywhere with space to carry what you need. Powered with rechargeable, green energy, our wagons provide convenience at a price that won't break the bank.

This matching custom hauler trailer will fit the design and look of your mobility scooter perfectly. It also doubles as a extra carrier trailer or display platform that can be towed behind your car or truck. Every wagon hauler trailer is street legal and complete with LED signal, running, and brake lights. Our trailer also features extra wide highway tires, full suspension, and can carry up to 2,000+ pounds.

Get your Custom Mobility Scooter Wagon and Trailer ordered today before our cut off date! Because our wagons are handmade and in high demand, we limit the number of scooters we produce each year to ensure you received only the highest quality. Don't wait call now to place your order: 1-800-292-0008.

Customized Multi-Purpose Electric Scooter Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 48" long by 24" wide by 42" high
  • Turn radius: 39"
  • Suitable to enjoy in all weather conditions, indoors or outdoors
  • Powered with dual 18Ah Long Life batteries that provide 30 miles per charge and up to 16 hours of fun (8 hours per battery)
  • Heavy-duty steel frame can carry up to 900 pounds
  • 1" solid oak timber wagon bed
  • Comfortable 17"x 16" stadium style seats are adjustable up to 6? and fold down
  • Patent pending
  • On board charger allows you to plug into any 110 volt outlet
  • Electro-mechanical brakes and rear coil spring suspension
  • On board plug for your phone or computer charger
  • Two cup holders; adjustable/removable arm and foot rests
  • Front and rear LED 12v lights with an on/off switch
  • Easy steering and engineered with 3/4" solid steel axles, tie-rod, for non-tip turning
  • Tires: tubeless inflatable 15" X 6" wide pneumatic, heavy duty, all-terrain with load caring heavy-duty steel wheels
  • 90amp Dynamic R Series electronic speed controller - easy to operate with forward and reverse thumb control
  • Warranty (excludes batteries): lifetime frame - 2 year drive terrain - 2 year electronics

Scooter Mobility Custom Options:

  • Add your name or business logo to each side
  • Choose the look of your bed rails to fit any style or theme
  • Add under wagon LED colored lights
  • Mobile navigator
  • Compliment your wagon with chrome wheels, bumpers, and chassis
  • Design your shade top
  • Hands free built-in speakers

Additional Details And Uses For The Customized Multi-Purpose Electric Scooter

Personalized Logo Custom Mobility Scooter Super Wagon - SW17

H. J. Nick's design team was given these basic instructions: This vehicle must be fun to use, look great and Not Look Like A Handicap Vehicle, Segway or Wheelchair. It must go and fit where these vehicles can go, and have over 10 hours or more of running capacity fully loaded.

The customized multi-purpose electric power scooter is an extremely versatile vehicle that is both a mobility scooter, and a hauler wagon. It is ideal for allowing folks with limited mobility to perform household chores, and can also haul around any of your heavy collectibles. With a weight capacity of 1000 pounds, this is ideal for use as a work wagon, and weighs 300 pounds. This allows it to hold the weight most humans, and allows for a stable platform that can be used to pull up on.

It is also a work wagon that allows a stable platform for a step ladder at rear, allowing for a semi-able bodied person to be able to do ladder involved chores while on the platform, and allows for easily moving positions, and is ideal for cleaning, painting, window washing, rain gutters, and more. It is also great for nailing in hanging plants, and pool-side events as well. To top it all off the Super Wagon Express runs good over sand at the beach, and is available with custom shade tops upon request. We have also retro fitted these with two swivel  stadium seats with side rails removable so two people can pull along side a creek or pond to go fishing with all gear on board, and also have all seats facing the water. We also offer other differ colors and styles such as this brown, wood colored Super Wagon Express, and unlimited customization options. Like with any of our custom, handmade products, when designing a Super Wagon with our experts at, your options are limited only by your imagination.

The Story Behind The Super Wagon

mobility power scooterH. J. Nick is an active baby boomer and is becoming more aware of aging and the body's limits as we get older. While being a fit able-bodied man that works out everyday and keeps himself healthy, he began to see that the aging Boomer population in their minds think young, and still act as if they were 20 or 30 years young. Also aware of the need for a mobility scooter for the handicapped especially our wounded warriors he began to passionately invest his time and money developing a product that every one would love to have with out the handicapped stigma.

The problem is that no one can cheat the aging process. Even though individuals may still be able to do many of the same things they were able to do when they were 20 or 30, at age 50 and 60 (or more) they simply cannot do it as long. And of course persons with real handicaps really want to be as independent and active as they once were. This is really hard to accomplish using most mobility scooters on the market today. And the answer is not a golf cart.

Being a person that travels all over the world to car shows, furniture shows, art shows, flea markets, concerts, sporting events and a lot of other indoor or outdoor large venue events that require walking and carrying heavy things, and being the problem solver and artist-designer he is and has been his entire life, H. J. Nick began to look for a way to solve this problem - to extend the time and pleasure he and his family get from these extended events. As you may know, some of these shows are spread over many acres and are held indoors as well as outdoors. Carrying supplies such as water and other essentials was also limited. He noticed for many others this was a huge hardship, as well as a big reason to not participate.

After looking for solutions around the world to solve this problem he found the options were limited and not ideal for this purpose. This had been his mode of operation his entire life - that necessity becomes the reason for invention - as it has been for many inventors throughout history. H. J. Nick began by assembling his design team to research mobility vehicles that would be ADA compliant, so they could be used indoors in stores such as COSTCO, HOME DEPOT, or simply GROCERY STORES as well as these other market venues. It seemed it was either Handicap Vehicles, Wheelchairs or Segways, that could not really carry much, or golf carts that would not be allowed in these places and were not ADA compliant. Then there were all the half baked ideas of adding trailers to mobility scooters or the modifications to existing designs, most like putting lipstick on a pig as he says. After several years of investing in, testing, and prototyping he finally patented the Man Cave Express / Super Wagon and its multi-purpose carrying trailer.

Read More At: Mobility Scooter - Super Wagon Express

Customized Multi-Purpose Electric Scooter Info

  • Mall kiosk platform with tow wagon clothing sales
  • Ice cream express sales platform
  • Taxi Express with trailer and multiple seating
  • Filmmakers express wagons and trailers
  • Warehouse express wagons
  • Large indoor property management Express Wagon
  • Mall Cop Express Security Wagon
  • Mall Express Wagons for hauling customers purchases from mall to car
  • Art Show Express Wagon for setup from trailer to show tent
  • Truck to warehouse express wagons
  • Car to campsite express wagon and trailer
  • Barrett Jackson car auction express wagon
  • Collage campus to dorm express wagon
  • Around the campus for pizza delivery express wagon
  • Mom on Board child carrier express wagon with custom covered trailer
  • Riding pet carrier wagon with c cab and bed shade
  • Family at Disney express wagon with trailer and custom Disney style paint and fabric
  • High Rise Office Mail Express Carrier
  • In The City Around Town Express Carrier
  • His and her wheelchair replacements personalized
  • Man Cave express to haul in the under belly of their motor home
  • Indoor and outdoor flea market owner Texas general purpose

Tongue is designed to be steerable and very nimble under a full load and is also pullable with a variable speed power assist. Carries yourself and over 1000 pounds. Dual long life batteries give you all the power you will ever need for Go Green performance with no emissions. The built-in solar recharging panel allows the batteries to automatically recharge in sunlight. This also means you may walk this wagon fully loaded using the controls to power assist forward or reverse. The wagon tongue and front end steering system have been designed to carry heavy loads as well as be easy to turn fully loaded while riding.

We also have designed an express wagon trailer carrier that pulls this wagon behind your vehicle on a simple Reese hitch. When you get to your destination, you simply slide out the hidden ramp of the wagon trailer to enable you to unload your express wagon under its power assist control. Then convert to a matching wagon you can pull behind your express wagon for additional load capacity.

The Wagon bed is made of 1" inch solid timber oak and is carpeted so you may carry fragile items with ease. The heavy duty steel main frame allows you to carry large or heavy loads while riding in your wagon. The super wagon can also pull a utility trailer for extra load capacity. Heavy duty hand built mortise and tenon 1/2" solid oak side rails are sturdy and will keep any load on board. Tail gate is removable or can be ordered as a fold down for extended length for over hanging loads or can be used as a buddy seat. Tires: Tubeless inflatable 15" X 6" wide pneumatic heavy duty high roller knobby all terrain non marking tires are also heavy duty steel and are rated to carry up to 2000 pound loads.

All Vintage Memorabilia Offered Is A Genuine Collectable And Appreciable Asset

All Items Are Of Highest Museum Quality World Class Collector Level

Our Latest Super Wagon Express Mobility Scooter - Hauler Wagons


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