National Vending Machine Series 10National Vending Machine Series 10

National Vending Machine Series 10: 1950’s Coin Operated Candy Vendor – VCM3940

This Original 10 Slot Candy And Gum Vending Machine Is Sold In As Is/As Pictured Condition

A Perfect Display Piece For Your 1950’s Themed Man Cave And An Ideal Piece For A Home Restoration Project


National Vending Machine Series 10: 1950's Coin Operated Candy Vendor

This is an original National Vending Machine Series 10 from the 1950's. This item is sold in as-is condition (as pictured), was purchased as part of a collection, and is NOT and museum quality restoration. This machine certainly needs its share of cosmetic work, but is a very complete example of this machine. That includes things like the original 10th slot gum insert that is often missing from these machines. This item is perfect for your man cave or game room, and is a great starter item if a fully restored original is outside of your budget.

However, if you are looking for a work of genuine fine art, we also offer fully working, museum restored vintage ending maching that can be viewed by clicking this link. To inquire about purchasing this vintage National Vending Machine Series 10, call us at 1-800-292-0008, email us at

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In our Bone Yard, you will fine original unrestored vintage gas pumps, vending machines, modern retro items, and anything else that doesn't meet our regular world class investment quality standards. We generally don't deal in parts, but on the occasion that we have them for sale you will find those in the Bone Yard as well. We often buy entire collections, and sometimes in these collections are items that have collectible value, but don't quite merit a museum quality restoration. For example, items that are post 1970 will often be found in the Bone Yard. If you are looking for hard to find parts, or a fully restored pump is not quite in your budget, then have a look in our vintage Americana and petroliana bone yard.

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