Vintage OK neon signVintage OK neon sign

Vintage OK Neon Porcelain Sign: 1950’s Chevy Dealership Logo – VS228

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Vintage OK Neon Porcelain Sign: 1950's Chevy Dealership Logo

This vintage OK neon porcelain sign is an original from the 1950s. It is a single sided, lollipop style, working neon sign with a porcelain sign face, and is in remarkable condition for a sign of its age. These signs were used by Chevy dealerships on their used car lots, and are an example of iconic automobile signage from "The Golden Age" of American open road driving. During the second half of the 20th century, these signs could be seen at used car dealerships nationwide.

It works very well with no buzzing as is common with many of these signs. It is a large, neon sign with the round, sign face measuring 2 feet in diameter. This lollipop style sign includes the original stand, and is over 6 feet tall from the base of the stand to the top of the sign. It is perfect for display in any man cave, game room, or automotive business.

Vintage OK Neon Porcelain Sign Specifications

  • Type : Single Sided Porcelain Enamel with Neon
  • Stand:  lollipop style sign with original stand
  • Neon: working with fully rebuilt electrical
  • Company: Chevrolet Dealerships
  • Product: Chevrolet OK Used Cars
  • Era: 1950's
  • Country Of Manufacture: USA
  • Color: Red/White/Blue
  • Dimensions/Size: 2 foot diameter by 11 inches deep (6 1/2 feet tall with stand)
  • Condition: Original, as-is, see photos for details – not restored, and not a reproduction

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Additional Vintage OK Neon Porcelain Sign DetailsVintage ok neon sign

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More Information About Porcelain Condition

Vintage ok neon signAll advance collectors understand the value of keeping these American icons as natural and as close as to as found is paramount. Most of these signs have chips in the porcelain and there is no correct way to add new porcelain in a manor that would be consistent with a full museum quality restoration. Also, in the investor collector world there are two schools of thought. One is consistent with ours that it is best and correct to display the wounds, bullet holes etc and age marks, chips etc. on porcelain signs. In other words, these type of signs were originally designed to display at the roadside, and it is our belief that they should be kept to maintain this history.

We feel the porcelain sign has much more value in its true condition than it does doctored. Doctored porcelain signs also have a much smaller resale market. Much like cleaning the natural patina off of an antique gun, you are much more likely to damage the item in the eyes of collectors. However, if you are from the school of thought that your sign should be in pristine condition we offer to do this process at your request.

Vintage OK Neon Porcelain Sign Info

When we use the terms "Museum Quality" and "Historically Correct," we are indicating our world-class process. We absolutely preserve all original signs, badges, glass with anomalies, natural aged patinas, and everything that makes a vintage item collectible. Maintaining non-structural damage, all age, wear, and tear is proudly displayed to showcase each item's unique charm.

Due to our earned reputation, we have the good fortune to be in high demand by collectors. Because most of our items have a waiting list, if you're looking for a specific collectible, please ask to be put on our first come, first served list (refundable deposit required).

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