Vintage Rare Case Classic Neon SignVintage Rare Case Classic Neon Sign

Vintage Case Neon Sign: Historic Genuine Porcelain Advertisement – NS6700

This Is A Centerpiece Quality, Authentic, 1940’s Era, Case Corporation, Genuine Porcelain Enamel Sign, Sold In Original, Unrestored Condition (As Pictured), To Preserve The Item’s Unique History

With A 101 Point Neon And Electrical Restoration, To Working, Museum Quality Collectible Condition, New Neon Hand Blown And Bent By Our In-House Master Glass Blowers, Using Historically Correct Techniques, Includes All New Electrical Components, Wiring, And Solid State Transformers; Certified With Award Winning Artist H.J. Nick’s Brass Tag Signature Certification As World Class Fine Art, And Investment Quality Piece


Vintage Case Neon Sign: With Original Cast Iron Old Abe Statue

If you are looking for an item that really has "The WOW Factor", this vintage Case neon sign, which measures 4 and a half feet wide, is just such an item. It is just one of hundreds of automobilia and petroliana collectibles currently for sale from, and a genuine piece of historic memorabilia from America's Industrial Revolution. The single sided, horizontally oriented, rectangular sign (with rounded corners and Art Deco style step accents, measures 54 inches wide, by 27 inches at is tallest point, and is 6 1/2 inches deep, with electrical components and transformers housed inside the sign. It is a genuine porcelain enamel sign in original, unrestored condition as pictured. We do not believe in restoring porcelain signs because any dings, dents, and blemishes are part of the story and history of that unique item. The only exception to this rule comes when dealing with signs, such as this, that have neon, are lighted, or have any type of electrical components. This vintage Case neon sign has neon and electrical that has been fully rebuilt by our experts. All neon is restored by our in house glass blowers, who have blown new glass, and bent it into shape by hand, an using the same techniques and materials that were used for the original neon. The word Case lights up in white neon. It is an authentic advertisement that was originally displayed at authorized Case dealerships, in the 1930's and 1940's.

The 101 point, museum quality neon restoration, is done under the supervision of, certified, and signed by award winning artist H.J. Nick as meeting all world class fine are qualifications. This certification means each item bearing his signature is backed by over 100 years of manufacturing world class fine art handmade furnishings, and restoring America's finest collectibles to original, museum quality condition. Also, any electrical parts including wiring and solid state transformers have been replaced. The neon features a separate on/off toggle pull cord as pictured.

Vintage Case Neon Sign Specifications

Sign Specifications

  • Type: Single Sided Genuine Vintage Porcelain Enamel Neon Sign
  • Style: Heavy Metal Vintage Porcelain Sign With Neon And Electrical Components Housed In Sign
  • Shape: Horizontally Oriented Rectangular With Rounded Corners And Art Deco Step Accents
  • Company: Case Corporation
  • Product: Farm Machinery
  • Era: 1930's-1940's
  • Place Of Manufacture: U.S.A.
  • Color: Orange/Navy Blue/White
  • Neon Color: White "CASE" Lettering)
  • Dimensions: 54 Inches Wide By 27 Inches At Tallest Point (6 1/2 Inches Deep With Electrical Components Housed Inside)
  • Condition: Original Genuine Porcelain Sign Not Restored Or Doctored (As-Pictured, See Photos For Details)
  • Neon Details: All Neon And Solid State Transformers, Wiring, Mounts, Switches, And Wires Have Been Replaced.
  • Comes With H.J. Nick Exclusive “Fast Hanger Bar” Allowing A Simple And Easy Way To Hang Straight And True Every Time.
  • Neon Has Separate Toggle Pull Chord As Pictured So That The Sign Can Easily Be Switched On And Off Without Unplugging.
  • Certification: Brass Tag Signed By Award Winning Artist H.J. Nick

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Vintage Case Neon Sign Additional Details

This vintage Case neon sign is original memorabilia from one of America's most iconic brands. We are a one stop shop when it comes to outfitting your man cave or game room. We can can outfit an entire gas station or automotive themed room for you, or help you find that one special item that has been missing from your collection. In addition to signs, we have vintage visible gas pumps, oil pumps, lubesters, and more that we have fully restored to working, museum quality condition. Our petroliana restorations are the best in the business because nobody has been doing it longer, or pays as much attention to detail.

This rare vintage Case neon sign is the perfect conversation piece that will wow your friends and clients alike. Like all of our vintage collectible signs, it is guaranteed authentic, investment quality memorabilia. We specialize in those hard to find signs that serious collectors are looking for. All antique collectables offered are genuine memorabilia and appreciable assets, not fake reproductions. All items are fine collectable art at the highest world class collector level. Contact us today for pricing on this collectible vintage Case neon sign, or any of our collectible Americana, antique signs, old gas pumps, and classic collectibles at 1-800-292-0008. & Award Winning Artist H.J. Nick Brass Tag Certification Details

The H.J. Nick Brass Tag Certification ensures each piece to be the genuine article. Backed by our over a century of experience, with our word is our bond reputation and guaranteeing or your money back “forever". The H.J. Nick Brass Tag Certification makes this item one of the highest appreciating, collectible investments that you can make. These items can be insured at stated value, usually on your home owners policy, for little added premium. Thus, making this a safer investment than even those insured by the FDIC, is much more fun to own, and puts you in control instead of the bank.

Case Corporation History (Founded As J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company In 1842)

Old Abe Case Logo

By Sfsorrow2 at English Wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Oxyman using CommonsHelper., Public Domain.

The Case Corporation was a manufacturer of agricultural machinery and construction equipment. Founded, in 1842, by Jerome Increase Case as the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company, it operated under that name for most of a century. For another 66 years it was the J. I. Case Company, and was often called simply Case. In the late 19th century, Case was one of America's largest builders of steam engines, producing self-propelled portable engines, traction engines and steam tractors. It was a major producer of threshing machines and other harvesting equipment. The company also produced various machinery for the U.S. military (combat engineer equipment for the USMC, full-tracked tractors and scoop loaders for the U.S. Army, etc.). In the 20th century, Case was among the ten largest builders of farm tractors for many years. In the 1950s its construction equipment line became its primary focus, with agricultural business second.

J. I. Case introduced an eagle logo for the first time in 1865 based on Old Abe, a Wisconsin Civil War Regiment's mascot. Case constructed his first portable steam engine in 1869, an engine used to power wheat threshers. This engine is in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. Case won first place at the 1878 Paris Exposition in France for his thresher. This was the first thresher sent abroad by the Case company and was the first of thousands which would later be exported internationally. It is at this time that Case created his first self-propelled traction engine, with a drive mechanism on one of his portable engines.

In 1884, Case made a visit to a farm named after him in Minnesota upon receiving news that one of his thresher machines was not working. Infuriated by the fact that he could not fix the machine himself, he set it ablaze the next day, and sent the owner a brand new thresher machine upon return to Wisconsin.

In 1890, the Case Company expanded to South America, opening a factory in Argentina. In 1891, the company's founder died. By this time the Case company produced portable steam engines to power the threshing machines, and later went into the steam traction engine business. By the start of the 20th century, Case was the most prolific North American builder of engines. These engines ranged in size from the diminutive 9 HP, to the standard 15, 25, 30, 40, 50, 65 HP and up to the plowing 75 and 80 HP sizes. Case also made the large 110 HP breaking engines with its notable two-story cab. Nine massive 150 HP hauling engines were made, in addition to steam rollers. Case engines were noted for their use of Woolf valve gear, feedwater heaters, and the iconic "eagle" smokebox covers. Case had built a total of 36,000 steamers by the time it switched to gas tractors in 1927.

By 1902, five major American agricultural manufacturing companies decided that a consolidation was needed, and so the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, the Deering Harvester Company, the Plano Manufacturing Company and two others merged their companies, rebranding the new company conglomerate as International Harvester Company, which became one of the giants of industry.

Read More At: Case Corporation On Wikipedia

Case Corporation Historical Timeline

  • 1842 - Company is founded by Jerome I. Case of Williamstown, NY.
  • 1843 - Case moved company to Racine, Wisconsin for better access to water and power.
  • 1863 - As the company grew, Case partnered with his top 3 employees Massena ErskineRobert Baker and Stephen Bull.
  • 1865 - Case introduces Abe the Eagle logo, based on Wisconsin’s 8th Infantry Division mascot.
  • 1869 - Case constructed his first portable steam engine in 1869, an engine used to power wheat threshers.
  • 1878 - Case won first place at the 1878 Paris Exposition in France for his thresher.
  • 1890 - In 1890, the Case Company expanded to South America, opening a factory in Argentina.
  • 1891 - Company founder J.I. Case passes away.
  • 1895 - The Case Company had begun to produce gasoline engines.
  • 1899 - The Case Company entered the Russian market.
  • 1900 - By the start of the 20th century, Case was the most prolific North American builder of engines.
  • 1902 - Five other major competing tractor manufactures merged, creating the International Harvester Company, thus creating their first major competition.
  • 1904 - Case introduced the first all-steel thresher machine, and sold their first gasoline tractor.
  • 1912 -  During World War I Case began production of the 30-60 oil engine.
  • 1919 - Competition heated up as John Deer entered the harvester business, International Harvester's purchased P&O Plowing of Canton, Illinois, and the Chattanooga Plowing company of Tennessee. Henry Ford also entered the tractor business with his Fordson Tractor.
  • 1923 - The 100,000th thresher machine produced by Case made its way out of the assembly line.
  • 1927 - Switched from steam engines to gas powered tractors. Case had built over 36,000 steam engines up until this time.
  • 1929 - Case expanded to Australia, Mexico, Sweden, and other countries, and produced its first crawler tractor.
  • 1940 - S and V tractors were introduced.
  • 1941 - Became involved in the manufacturing of shells for the United States and allied forces military, as well as airplane parts for the B-26s, bombs, and doors for the Sherman Tank. 
  • 1942 - Opened three new plants, produced its first self-propelled combine, and released the company's first cotton picker.
  • 1957 - Bought out the American Tractor Corporation, producer of small tractors and the most popular models of backhoe.
  • 1964 - Acquired Colt Garden Tractors, the first garden tractor powered by 'Hy-Drive", a form of hydraulic propulsion that allowed for various heavy duty attachments and eliminated the need for transaxle drive belts. The Kern County Land Company, using oil money, bought the Case Company. In turn Kern County sold Case to Tenneco Company of Texas.
  • 1983 - During purchase of International Harvester assets, Case sold its garden tractor division to Ingersoll Power Equipment. Ingersoll tractors would continue to carry the Case brand name until 1987.
  • 1984 - Case parent Tenneco bought selected assets of the International Harvester agriculture division and merged it with J. I. Case. All agriculture products are first labeled Case International and later Case IH.
  • 1999 - Case Corporation joined with New Holland N.V. to become CNH (Case-New Holland), now CNH Global, in November 1999. Because of the merger, CNH was forced to release its production plants in Doncaster, England and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The Doncaster site was bought by the ARGO-group, owner of tractor builder Landini, and brought back the McCormick brand. The plant in Winnipeg was taken over by the Buhler family to start Buhler Tractors. Thus marking the end of the original J.I. Case Corporation.

Specializing In Artifacts From America's Heartland

vintage Case Corporation stock certificate

Preferred share of the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company, issued 29. August 1911

Rural America is often referred to as "The Heartland", as this area is responsible for a majority of the country's commercial agriculture, and is also known as "America's Breadbasket". It was companies like International Harvester Company, Case International, and John Deere who were at the forefront of the industrial agricultural revolution that begin in the late 19th century, and reached its peak in the years following World War 2.

At we are committed to preserving this important piece of U.S. History by bringing rare artifacts such as this International Harvester Neon Sign back to their original glory. This is also why the signs are kept in original, unrestored condition, because every ding, dent, blemish, and even an occasional bullet hole is part of that item's unique history. Furthermore, this is why our neon restoration process is done using the same techniques and materials that would have been used in the the Early-Twentieth Century. This includes glass neon tubes hand blown by our in-house master glass blowers. Only when the safety and functionality is at stake is a modern part used, such as the solid state transformers, flashers, and electrical components. To top it all off, these items receive award winning artist H.J. Nick's brass tag signature certification as a genuine piece of world class fine art, and investment quality memorabilia.

If you are a serious collector of vintage farming collectibles, automobilia, petroliana, old soda signs, visible gas pumps, restored vending machines, porcelain, neon, and tin litho signs, then we have the largest collection of authentic, original items currently for sale anywhere in the world, and are adding new products to our inventory every day. We are a one-stop-shop for outfitting your man cave, game room, lady lounge, or theme business, and also specialize in rare and one-of-a-kind, centerpiece quality items, even for the most serious collector.

Case Corporation Neon Sign Is A Genuine Historic Artifact From America's Industrial Agricultural Revolution And Iconic Memorabilia From The American Heartland

The Importance Of Case International, International Harvester, And John Deere Almost Cannot Be Overstated. Their Contributions To The American Farming Revolution And The Machinery They Created Was An Essential Component That Transformed The United States Into A World Leader In Industry And Agriculture. Hanging One Of These Iconic Signs Is Equivalent To Flying A U.S. Flag And Is Proud Symbol Of The History And Heritage Of Our Nation’s Rural Communities.

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Vintage Case Neon Sign Info

When we use the terms "Museum Quality" and "Historically Correct," we are indicating our world-class process. We absolutely preserve all original signs, badges, glass with anomalies, natural aged patinas, and everything that makes a vintage item collectible. Maintaining non-structural damage, all age, wear, and tear is proudly displayed to showcase each item's unique charm.

Due to our earned reputation, we have the good fortune to be in high demand by collectors. Because most of our items have a waiting list, if you're looking for a specific collectible, please ask to be put on our first come, first served list (refundable deposit required).

We are the oldest and largest seller of fine art, historically correct, museum quality antiques and genuine, investment quality classic Americana.

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All Vintage Memorabilia Offered Is A Genuine Collectable And Appreciable Asset

All Items Are Of Highest Museum Quality World Class Collector Level


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