Small Vintage Fresca Soda Wall SignSmall Vintage Fresca Soda Wall Sign

Vintage Fresca Lighted Sign: 1960’s Original “Survivor Condition” – LS6628

This Original 1960’s Era Advertisement For Fresca Soft Drinks Is A Truly Rare Find In Working, Fully Unrestored, “Survivor Condition” With All Original Lighting And Electrical

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Vintage Fresca Lighted Sign: Original 1960's Embossed Plastic

At we specialize in the rarest, and most highly collector sought after vintage Americana. This vintage Fresca lighted sign is in fully working condition, and is completely original and untouched in order to save the story. The faceplate of the sign has a white background and "FRESCA" in raised embossed green lettering, and at the top reads "Frosty, refreshing, sugar free" in medium sized green lettering. The bottom of the sign reads "A Product Of The Coca-Cola Company" in smaller green lettering. There is a background graphic on the sign that gives the appearance of snowing, with snowflakes throughout the sign face. The sign is in a beige/light brown colored metal frame, and has an on/off switch on the back as pictured. This small rectangular sign measures 16 1/4 inches wide by 14 inches tall, and is a perfect size for display in your man cave, game room, or lady lounge. It is an original 1960's era sign, and one of the oldest advertisements for the Fresca brand, which was first introduced in 1966.

Vintage Fresca Lighted Sign Specifications

  • Type: Metal Framed, Back Lit, Embossed Plastic Lighted Sign On Metal Housing Can
  • Sides: Single Sided
  • Shape: Rectangular (Horizontal Orientation)
  • Company: Coca-Cola Company
  • Product: Fresca (Soft Drink)
  • Era: 1960's
  • Country Of Manufacture: U.S.A.
  • Color: White/Green (Beige/Light Brown Frame)
  • Dimensions: 16 1/4 Inches Wide By 14 Inches Tall
  • Condition: Original "SURVIVOR CONDITION", Unrestored As-Pictured, Original Electrical And Lighting, See Photos For Details
  • Features: On/Off Switch

Like all of the collectible, vintage signs sold at, this vintage Fresca lighted sign is in unrestored, original condition. It is our belief that any dings, dents, or blemishes are part of the history of that item, and help to tell its history. This now over 55-year-old sign is in Excellent condition overall, with a very clean sign face, and does not have the large cracks that are commonly seen on these older plastic signs. The frame is also in nice condition with only a few minor flaws. To top it all off, this "Survivor Condition" sign also features fully original electrical and lighting components. To find a sign of this age with the original lighting is a truly rare find, and a collector's dream!

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original Fresca bottle photo

The original Fresca bottle design from 1966, designed by Hodgman-Bourke of New York City. WmArbaugh, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fresca Soda Historical Information

Fresca is a citrus-flavored soda that was first introduced in the United States in 1966. The origins of Fresca can be traced back to a grapefruit soda called Citrus Club that was developed by the Coca-Cola Company in the 1940s. Citrus Club was marketed as a sugar-free alternative to other soft drinks and was aimed at people who were watching their weight. Fresca was first introduced in the Northeastern United States in 1966. It was initially marketed as a grapefruit soda, but it was later expanded to include other citrus flavors such as lime and lemon.

In the 1970s, Fresca's popularity began to wane as other diet sodas such as Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi were introduced. However, the Coca-Cola Company continued to market Fresca, and in the 1980s, the brand underwent a major overhaul. The company changed the formula of Fresca to include a blend of artificial sweeteners, which gave the soda a sweeter taste. The new formula was also marketed as having a "lighter, crisper" taste, which was intended to appeal to a broader audience.

In the 1990s, the Coca-Cola Company introduced a number of new flavors of Fresca, including peach and black cherry. However, these flavors were not as successful as the original citrus flavors, and they were eventually discontinued.

Today, Fresca is still sold in the United States, but its popularity has waned in recent years. In 2018, the Coca-Cola Company announced that it would be rebranding Fresca in an attempt to make it more appealing to younger consumers. The new branding included updated packaging and a new marketing campaign that emphasized Fresca's sugar-free and calorie-free attributes. Although its popularity is not what it once was, with a history that loosely dates back to the 1940's, and commercial production since the 1960's, Fresca has one of the longest, and most interesting histories of the calorie free soft drinks, and pre-dates Diet Coke. Fresca remains a popular beverage among people who are watching their weight or who prefer sugar-free and calorie-free drinks. With the recent rebranding efforts by the Coca-Cola Company, it remains to be seen whether Fresca will experience a resurgence in popularity in the coming years.

Vintage Fresca Lighted Sign Info

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