Vintage Texaco Gas PumpVintage Texaco Gas Pump

Wayne Model 615 Gas Pump: Texaco Gas Station Paint Scheme – VGP6415

This Is NOT An 101 Point Restoration, But Is An Example Of The Type Of Product That Is Usually Sold By Large Auction Houses, And How “Their Restorations” Compare With Ours

It Is An Authentic Wayne 615 Gas Pump, However Much Of The Signage Is “Replica”, And Is In NonWorking Condition, This Is The Type Of Item That “Looks Good In Pictures”, But Will Never Stand The Test Of Time As World Class Fine Art


Wayne Model 615 Gas Pump: Texaco Gas Station Paint Scheme

This vintage Wayne 615 gas pump is NOT an, 101 Point Museum Quality Restoration, but is instead an example of an "Auction House Restoration". We believe in our 101 Points World Class Fine Art Restoration process so much, that we bring the competition right into the doors of our showroom, so that you can see the difference up close and personal. By having items such as this Wayne Model 615 Gas Pump that we recently purchased from an auction house, it gives our customers the ability to see with the difference between an restoration, and what else is commonly out there on the market. We do not deal in reproductions, so this is an original Wayne Model 615 from the 1920's, but the resemblance in quality most ends there.

This Wayne Model 615 gas pump is a 10 gallon visible tank, hand operated pump. These pumps were manufactured between 1924 and 1929, and was among Wayne's most popular models from that era. The "Auction House Restoration" included a Texaco paint scheme, with reproduction Capco Texaco gas globe light. The round belly plate sign is a vinyl decal. The Wayne model manufacture plates are original, but the price cards and measuring sticks are reproductions. No restoration has been done to inside parts, and this pump is in NON-WORKING condition. This is a great item for anyone who is looking for a display piece only, or if a working 101 point restoration with original signage is out of your budget. This is a fantastic "first gas pump" or an ideal collection starter item. It is also a great starting point for someone looking to take a crack at doing a home restoration, or you can purchase it to have fully restored by our experts to ANY GAS STATION PAINT SCHEME, and original working condition. Contact today at 1-800-292-0008 to get pricing on this vintage Wayne Model 615 gas pump, or get started on your own vintage gas pump restoration today. We can restore vintage gas pumps to any station or theme of your choice. Not only that, but we are a one stop shop for your petroliana themed man cave, and have one of the largest selections of authentic, collectible vintage porcelain signs for sale anywhere.

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Wayne Model 615 Gas Pump Specifications

  • Type: Original Visible Hand Crank Operated Gas Pump
  • Company: Wayne 
  • Globe: Reproduction Texaco Capco Gas Globe (With 1920's Era Logo)
  • Model: 615
  • Station Signage: Texaco Vinyl Belly Plate Decal
  • Era: Late 1920's - Early 1930's
  • Place Of Manufacture: Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A.
  • Color: Red/White/Black/Green
  • Tank: Original 10 Gallon Glass
  • Dimensions: 9 Feet Tall Without Globe (Total Height With Globe 10 Feet 6 Inches) 23 Inch Base Diameter
  • Custom Heavy Duty Base 6 Wheel Dolly Secured To Original Base Mounts With Mar Proof Wheels For Easy One Person Moving
  • Condition: Partial Auction House Restoration To NON-Working, Collectible Display Piece Condition, All Exterior Parts Are Cleaned And Polished

The Difference Between And Auction House Restorations

When showing off your new gas pump to a friend, family member, or client, the first thing they are going to ask you is if its an original. Answering yes to that question is impressive enough. The second question anyone is going to ask you is if the pump is working or not. Being able to answer yes to that question is the key unlocking "The WOW Factor". In fact, the importance between working, and non-working almost cannot be overstated. There are no instruction manuals for repairing these, so a mechanical restoration begins with first disassembling the entire pump, part by part. Photo's must be meticulously taken, and kept at each step of the process, so that a record is available of where each part goes when it comes time to put everything back together. Once the pump is apart, every working mechanical part must be cleaned, polishes, resurfaced, delisted, and refurbished to its original manufacture condition. Often times, a part will be beyond repair, and in these cases, the part, which is often times harder to find than the whole pump, must be found separately, and it can at times take months or even years for a needed part to come up for sale. As a last resort, if a part cannot be repaired or replaced, we occasionally have to lean on our master metal smiths to actually manufacture the part new. Simply put, most auction houses simply do not have the resources to bring one of these pumps back to working condition, which is one of the reasons that a "working condition" restoration is especially relevant.

Furthermore, our gas pump paint restorations are the best in the business, because of our attention to details, and the fact that we fully disassemble the pump, and paint even the parts that cannot be seen when the pump is in assembled condition. Repainting a classic gas pump is much like repainting a classic car, in that it can only be done properly if it is fully taken apart, and every part is painted fully, and individually. Since most auction houses do not have the resources to assemble, and disassemble pumps, most of their repaints are just touch ups of the original paint, and done only to parts of the pump that are always visible to the naked eye. This also requires that the pump remain with its original station paint scheme, and cannot be customized otherwise. To top it all off, our museum quality restorations, all of which are done under the supervision of award winning artist H.J. Nick, and receive his brass tag signature certification, always include all original, period correct, milk glass globe lights, and genuine vintage porcelain belly plate signs. These signs and globes are essential to the authenticity of the pump, and are collectible on their own. In fact, some milk glass globes are so rare, that they can at times eclipse the value of the pump itself. Because these signs and globes are so rare, auction houses almost always use reproduction globes and signage. However, at, we already have one of the largest selections of original collectible Petroliana signs and globes found anywhere in the world, and will often already have the necessary signage on hand before starting a restoration project.

vintage gas pump display carts from ArtFactory.comVintage Gas Pump Display Carts: Islands With Wheels For Heavy Collectibles - GSI500

At we make vintage gas pump display carts so that you can conveniently move your vintage visible gas pumps and other heavy collectibles from place to place. These custom islands with wheels can be come built to suit you needs. They can be built to hold one gas pump, or you whole collection, and can also be built for lubesters and vending machines. These vintage gas pump display carts are an original design by award winning artist H.J. Nick, and are hand built in heavy gage steel. The even come complete with electrical wiring so that your pumps can plug right into the island. The are also UL listed.

Finally, a convenient way to display and transport your heavy collectibles. This example includes 25 Foot industrial duty cord with plug wired and 4 duplex electrical outlets. Vintage gas pump display carts can be custom designed to any size, and like all of our products are built custom made to order. They can also be hand finished in any color to match you collectibles or the color scheme of your man cave. The vintage gas pump display carts pictured feature a 1930's-50's era Texaco color theme. They are custom finished to appear as worn and aged concrete colored Texaco red and grease stained in a battleship gray. Gas Pump Restoration Info

  • All brass parts are solid polished original brass
  • Rare collectors preferred original "Milk Glass" globe
  • All sign-age is correct porcelain original era material (no fake foreign made parts or signs used)
  • All internals have been polished and rebuilt
  • Pump is in working order
  • Backed by a century of fine craftsmanship since 1913

We are the oldest and largest restorer of fine art, museum quality, historically correct antiques, and supplier of genuine investment quality un-restored classic Americana (namely signs). Museum quality, historically correct means a world class restoration that preserves all original signs, badges, glass with anomalies, natural aged patina, ect. with non structural damage. All age wear and tear is proudly displayed, when possible, on signage and gas pump globes. Contact the Art Factory for information on restoring your antique gas pumps at 1-800-292-0008.

All Vintage Memorabilia Offered Is A Genuine Collectable And Appreciable Asset

All Items Are Of Highest Museum Quality World Class Collector Level

Our Latest Museum Quality Fully Restored Vintage Visible Gas Pumps


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