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McCall Patterns Flange Sign: Vintage Porcelain Advertisement – VS6526

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McCall Patterns Flange Sign: Vintage Porcelain Advertisement

At, we have one of the largest selections of genuine, vintage Americana signs available anywhere. This rare vintage McCall Patterns flange sign is a double sided, heavy metal porcelain enamel sign from the early Twentieth-century, and is extremely sturdy, and thick, even by the standards of that era. This horizontally oriented, rectangular sign is 18 inches wide by 9 1/2 inches tall, and is mounted on a 2 inch flange. The sign has a navy blue background with white lettering, and reads "McCall Patterns" on both sides. This is a rare advertisement for McCalls, a company which specializes in preprinted sewing patterns, and continues to operate today. James McCall, a Scottish tailor, established the McCall Pattern Company in 1870 in New York City. Patterns were unprinted until 1919, when they started printing information directly onto the pattern pieces. In the 1920s, selected patterns had full color illustrations on their pattern envelopes. This vintage McCall Patterns flange sign will add a statement to your man cave, lady lounge, or restaurant.

McCall Patterns Flange Sign Specifications

  • Type: Heavy Metal Porcelain Sign
  • Sides: Double Sided
  • Shape: Horizontally Oriented Rectangular
  • Company: McCall
  • Product: Sewing Patterns
  • Place Of Manufacture: U.S.A.
  • Date Of Manufacture: Early 20th Century
  • Color: Navy Blue/White
  • Dimensions: 18 Inches Wide By 9 1/2 Inches Tall (2 Inches Deep Metal Flange)
  • Condition: Original, Unrestored As-Pictured, See Photos For Details

McCall Patterns Flange Sign Additional Details

This sign won't last long, as they are becoming more popular as the years go by, and fewer folks are letting these signs leave their collections. Like all of our signs, this vintage McCall Patterns flange sign in original, unrestored condition. This sign is in Excellent/Very Good Plus (EXL/VG+) condition overall, as pictured, and as a nice example of this early Twemntieth-century sign as you will find for sale. We believe in keeping signs in unrestored condition, because these blemishes are part of the history and story of the item. This sign is in relatively clean condition, with only some very light wear around the edges, and and some light scuffing and very faint discoloration on the sign face. All of our signs are guaranteed to be authentic, backed by over a century of experience in the antiques and collectibles marketplace. This McCall Patterns flange sign is original memorabilia from one of  America's's most iconic brands. We are a one stop shop when it comes to outfitting your man cave or game room. We can can outfit an entire general store or soda shop themed room for you, or help you find that one special item that has been missing from your collection. In addition to signs, we have vintage restored vending machines, and more, that we have fully restored to working, museum quality condition. Our Americana restorations are the best in the business because nobody has been doing it longer, or pays as much attention to detail.

This vintage McCall Patterns flange sign is the perfect conversation piece that will wow your friends and clients alike. Like all of our vintage collectible signs, it is guaranteed authentic, investment quality memorabilia. We specialize in those hard to find signs that serious collectors are looking for. All antique collectables offered are genuine memorabilia and appreciable assets, not fake reproductions. All items are fine collectable art at the highest world class collector level. Contact us for pricing on this vintage McCall Patterns flange sign, or any of our collectible Americana, antique signs, or old gas pumps at 1-800-292-0008.

McCall Corporation History

Cover of 1911 McCall's magazine. By, Public Domain, Link

McCall's is a well-known brand of sewing patterns, and its history dates back to the late 19th century. Here's an overview of the history of McCall sewing patterns:

  1. Foundation (1870s): McCall's was founded by James McCall in New York City in 1870. Initially, the company focused on publishing a monthly magazine called "The Queen" that featured fashion illustrations and dress patterns. The magazine included patterns for women's and children's clothing.
  2. Expansion (1880s-1890s): McCall's magazine gained popularity and grew in circulation. The company expanded its offerings to include sewing patterns for a wide range of clothing items, including dresses, suits, and accessories. The company's pattern catalog was diverse and aimed at women of various ages and tastes.
  3. Innovations (20th Century): McCall's was known for its innovations in the pattern industry. In 1923, they introduced a new pattern numbering system that made it easier for customers to find and order patterns. During World War II, McCall's patterns adapted to the war effort by offering patterns for military uniforms and clothing made from utilitarian fabrics.
  4. Home Sewing Boom (1950s-1960s): McCall's, like other pattern companies, experienced a surge in popularity during the post-World War II era when home sewing became a widespread and economical way to create fashionable clothing. The company's patterns reflected the changing fashion trends of the times.
  5. Merger and Expansion (1960s-1970s): In the 1960s, McCall's merged with Butterick, another pattern company, to form McCall Pattern Company. This merger expanded the company's reach and allowed them to offer a wider variety of sewing patterns. The company continued to adapt to changing fashion trends during this period.
  6. Modern Era (1980s-Present): McCall's, now part of The McCall Pattern Company along with Vogue Patterns and Butterick, continues to provide sewing patterns for home sewers. The company has adapted to the digital age by offering patterns online and through various retailers. Their patterns encompass clothing, accessories, home décor, and crafts.

Throughout its history, McCall's has played a significant role in making sewing accessible to a wide audience, from seasoned seamstresses to beginners. Their patterns have helped people create custom-made clothing and home items, and they remain a prominent brand in the world of sewing and fashion.

McCall Patterns Flange Sign Info

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