Vintage Oilzum Motor Oil Neon SignVintage Oilzum Motor Oil Neon Sign

Vintage Oilzum Neon Sign: “The Cream Of Pennsylvania Pure Oil” – NS6649

This Extremely Rare Genuine Vintage Porcelain Enamel 1930’s Lighted Sign Features The Iconic Oilzum Man Logo And Measures 30 Inches In Diameter With Working Neon

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Vintage Oilzum Neon Sign: "The Cream Of Pennsylvania Pure Oil"

This original vintage Oilzum neon sign is just one of hundreds of collectible automobilia and petroliana collectibles currently for sale from This single sided round, porcelain enamel sign measures 30 inches in diameter, and is on 7 inch deep metal can with fully rebuilt electric, and reads "The Cream Of Pennsylvania Pure Oil". This is a 4 color sign that features a green background with an orange outline, and orange, white and black lettering and logo graphics. It is an authentic advertisement that was originally displayed at auto shops and service stations in the 1930's and was made in the U.S.A.. Like all of our collectible signs, it is sold in original, unrestored condition as pictured. We do not believe in restoring old signs because it is our belief that every ding, dent, and blemish is part of the story and history of the item. However, all neon, transformers and electrical parts have been fully rebuilt or replaced by our experts. The neon features a separate on/off toggle pull cord as pictured.

Vintage Oilzum Neon Sign Additional Details

This vintage Oilzum neon sign is original memorabilia from one of America's most iconic brands. It is sold in original unrestored condition because our belief is that signs should not be restored because every ding, dent, and blemish is part of the history and story of the item. We are a one stop shop when it comes to outfitting your man cave or game room. We can can outfit an entire gas station or automotive themed room for you, or help you find that one special item that has been missing from your collection. In addition to signs, we have vintage visible gas pumps, oil pumps, lubesters, and more that we have fully restored to working, museum quality condition. Our petroliana restorations are the best in the business because nobody has been doing it longer, or pays as much attention to detail.

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Vintage Oilzum Neon Sign Specifications

  • An Investment Quality World Class Fine Art Neon Restoration Signed By Award Winning Artist H.J. Nick
  • Type: Porcelain Enamel With Neon
  • Sides: Single Sided
  • Shape: Round Sign
  • Company: The White And Bagley Co.
  • Product: Oilzum Motor Oil
  • Era: 1930's
  • Country Of Manufacture: U.S.A.
  • Color: Green/Orange/White/Black
  • Dimensions: 30" Diameter With 7" Deep Metal Can
  • Condition: Original, As-Is, See Photos For Details
  • Additional Neon Details: All neon and transformers have been replaced
  • Neon has separate toggle pull cord

Rare Collectible Neon Signs Restored By

This rare and hard to find, vintage Oilzum neon sign is just one of hundreds of original, collectible automobilia and petroliana signs currently for sale at Like all of our vintage collectible signs, it is guaranteed authentic, investment quality memorabilia. We specialize in those hard to find signs that serious collectors are looking for. All antique collectables offered are genuine memorabilia and appreciable assets, not fake reproductions. All items are fine collectable art at the highest world class collector level. Contact us for pricing on this vintage Oilzum neon sign, or any of our collectible Americana, antique signs, old gas pumps, and classic collectables at 1-800-292-0008.

Oilzum Historical Details And Sign Collectability

Oilzum Motor Oil Flange Sign

Oilzum Motor Oil Company vintage signs are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of automotive memorabilia. These signs were typically made of tin or porcelain and featured the iconic Oilzum logo and branding.

Oilzum Motor Oil Company, also known as Oilzum, was a prominent American motor oil brand that operated from the early 20th century until the mid-20th century. Oilzum was founded in 1899 by Arthur William Birch, who established the company in Boston, Massachusetts. Initially, Oilzum produced lubricants for various industrial applications. However, the company quickly shifted its focus to the emerging automotive industry as motor vehicles became more prevalent.

During the early 1900’s, Oilzum gained recognition for its high-quality motor oil and lubricants, which were known for their ability to withstand extreme conditions and provide efficient engine performance. The company's success was attributed to its commitment to research and development, which allowed it to produce advanced formulations that catered to the evolving needs of the automotive industry. Oilzum became particularly renowned for its racing oils, which were used by several prominent racers and racing teams. The brand's association with motorsports helped enhance its reputation and contributed to its popularity among automobile enthusiasts.

However, Oilzum faced challenges during the Great Depression in the 1930’s, as the economic downturn significantly impacted the automotive industry. The company struggled to maintain its operations and ultimately faced financial difficulties. As a result, Oilzum gradually faded from the market and ceased its operations in the mid-20th century. While Oilzum is no longer in existence, its legacy as a pioneering motor oil brand remains noteworthy in the history of the automotive industry.

Oilzum Motor Oil Company vintage signs are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of automotive memorabilia. These signs were typically made of tin or porcelain and featured the iconic Oilzum logo and branding. Vintage Oilzum signs can vary in design and size, but they often feature the company's name prominently along with its distinctive red, white, and blue color scheme. Some signs may also include additional graphics such as racing imagery or depictions of automobiles. They are sought after by collectors of vintage advertising and automobilia, as well as individuals looking to decorate garages, man caves, or automotive-themed spaces.

Vintage Oilzum Neon Sign Info

When we use the terms "Museum Quality" and "Historically Correct," we are indicating our world-class process. We absolutely preserve all original signs, badges, glass with anomalies, natural aged patinas, and everything that makes a vintage item collectible. Maintaining non-structural damage, all age, wear, and tear is proudly displayed to showcase each item's unique charm.

Due to our earned reputation, we have the good fortune to be in high demand by collectors. Because most of our items have a waiting list, if you're looking for a specific collectible, please ask to be put on our first come, first served list (refundable deposit required).

We are the oldest and largest seller of fine art, historically correct, museum quality antiques and genuine, investment quality classic Americana.

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All Vintage Memorabilia Offered Is A Genuine Collectable And Appreciable Asset

All Items Are Of Highest Museum Quality World Class Collector Level


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