Keesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump: With Sinclair Aircraft Milk Glass GlobeKeesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump: With Sinclair Aircraft Milk Glass Globe

Keesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump: Rare Sinclair Milk Glass Globe – KEZ106

This Is An Original 1920’s Era, Keesee Model 106 Gas Pump That Has Received A Full 101 Point Restoration To Original, Working, World Class Fine Art, Museum And Investment Quality Condition, And Has Received Award Winning Artist H.J. Nick’s Brass Tag Signature Certification

Includes Original Period Correct Signage From Sinclair Oil Company, With Original Sinclair Aircraft, Milk Gas Globe Light, And Fully Repainted To Period Correct, Sinclair Color Scheme, All Parts Have Been Cleaned, Polished, Restored, Rebuilt, Or Replaced, Including Those That Cannot Be Seen, Our Restorations Are The Best In The Business Due To Our Commitment To Originality And Attention To Detail


Keesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump: With Sinclair Aircraft Milk Glass Globe

This Keesee vintage visible gas pump is a fully restored Model F 106A GASO hand operated pump. Like all of our vintage gas pump restorations, it has been restored both inside and out to working museum quality standards. This is a fully original Keesee vintage visible gas pump from the 1920's, with original, period correct signage from Sinclair Oil. This Keesee gas pump features an original, blue tinted glass, 10 gallon tank. It has been branded with Sinclair Oil signage that is original from the period, and features an original milk glass gas pump globe, with historically correct reproduced red and green Sinclair Aircraft logo from the Sinclair Oil Corp. The antique gas pump seen here showcases the Keesee wide shell style of gas pump from 1920s.

The body of the pump is galvanized metal with red accent colors and a Sinclair Oils genuine vintage belly plate sign. The glass gas tank includes original measuring sticks, and a price placard. This old gas pump has been completely restored to museum quality. All parts are historically correct and original, and are in full working order. This means just the same condition as this pump would have been delivered from the manufacture. Our restorations are the best in the business due to our commitment to originality and attention to detail.

Keesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump Specifications

  • Manufacture: Keesee.  Fully working ready to pump gas or beer 
  • Make/Model: 106A Model F
  • Capacity: 10 Gallons
  • Era: 1925
  • Place Of Manufacture: Los Angeles California, U.S.A.
  • Theme/Station: Sinclair Oils (With Sinclair Aircraft Original Milk Glass Globe)
  • Color: Galvanized And Red
  • Height: 119"
  • Base Diameter: 24"
  • Condition: Antique/Restored museum quality and historical correct
  • Notable Features:Original milk glass globe light.  Lenses are accurate reproduction. 
  • Positive measure attachment hand pump model with original blue tinted glass 10 gallon tank.
Keesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump: With Sinclair Aircraft Milk Glass Globe
Keesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump: With Sinclair Aircraft Milk Glass Globe
Keesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump: With Sinclair Aircraft Milk Glass Globe
Keesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump: With Sinclair Aircraft Milk Glass Globe

Keesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump Additional Details

This Keesee vintage visible gas pump has been completely restored to museum quality. All parts are historically correct and original, and are in full working order. We can restore vintage gas pumps to any station or theme of your choice. Not only that, but we are a one stop shop for your petroliana themed man cave, and have one of the largest selections of authentic, collectible vintage porcelain signs for sale anywhere. Don't settle for low quality reproductions that will never have any long term value, when you can own "the genuine article". Contact today at 1-800-292-0008 to get pricing on this Keesee Model 106 visible gas pump, or get started on your own vintage gas pump restoration today.

Watch Our Man Cave Tour Video & Award Winning Artist H.J. Nick Brass Tag Certification Details

The H.J. Nick Brass Tag Certification ensures each piece to be the genuine article. Backed by our over a century of experience, with our word is our bond reputation and guaranteeing or your money back “forever". The H.J. Nick Brass Tag Certification makes this item one of the highest appreciating, collectible investments that you can make. These items can be insured at stated value, usually on your home owners policy, for little added premium. Thus, making this a safer investment than even those insured by the FDIC, is much more fun to own, and puts you in control instead of the bank.

From Keesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump 106 Model F GASO Original Sales Literature 1928

Keesee Manufacturing Co., Inc.
A California Corporation
Exclusive Builders of Keesee Products
Visible Gasoline Pumps, Tanks, Oil Storage Systems

Factory and Office
701-753 West Belgrave Avenue
Huntington Park
Los Angeles, California
Phones: Delaware 3441-3442

Cut 106A, Model F GASO, is a hand operated 10-gallon Visible Unit, and can be installed on any underground storage tank on which a suction pump is used, or can be installed with any new hand pump installation. It is operated by means of a hand lever forward and backward motion, such as is used on this type of equipment.

Cut 106A is furnished complete with all mechanism from the ground up, including wet and dry hose, unions for connecting to installation piping and also check valve at the base of the pump. It is fitted with double action plunger-type piston pump that will raise 10 gallons into the bowl easily in 40 seconds. The pump requires no priming, has self closing valves, is easily operated and is locked at night by removing the handle therefrom. Any lighting extra.

Quantity markers for gallons and half gallons are placed inside on opposite sides of the bowl. Said markers are fit in such manner that they touch the glass. This insures accurate reading. The markers or gallon indicators are made and calibrated for each bowl and permanently set, tested and sealed in the factory, and when once made and installed, any after adjustment is eliminated, if the pump remains level.

Gasoline is dispensed through the automatic self-closing hose nozzle, especially designed for this type of equipment. The rate of dispensing is approximately 10 gallons in 40 seconds.

The pump may be installed any reasonable distance from the storage tank. Installations are made in accordance with any of the four designs shown, or to meet any other requirement desired.

This pump is operated by a forward and backward movement of the lever, pumping gasoline into the bowl up to the overflow. When pumping is stopped the level of gasoline returns to the zero mark ready to be drawn out. The bowl is drained at night by means of a positive quick-opening valve which completely drains the 10 gallons in approximately 20 seconds. To open the drain valve, completely shut the door, and to shut the drain valve, completely open the door.

Cut 106A is well constructed in every detail. It is fitted with plunger type, double acting, hand operated piston pump. The piston is bronze with regular piston rings therein. There is no leather or rubber deteriorating parts used in this plunger type of pump. This pump requires no priming, is easily operated and is fitted with a clutch-like removable handle. Fitted with sliding door, which provides for locking the hose and valve in at night, also for opening and closing the fire valve, the door being at the extreme top for opening and at the extreme bottom for closing. The gallon and half gallon indicators are made for each individual bowl, are permanently set and sealed in place. The bowl is cleaned by removing the canopy, care being taken not to disturb the markers, the canopy being replaced securely before again resuming operation. To clean the outside of the bowl, the screen is removable.

The pump may be fitted with either side or top lighting with enclosed vapor-proof fittings at additional cost of $12.00.

Cut 106A is 8 feet 6 inches without lights, base diameter 26 inches, hole in island for pipe 15 inches in diameter. Shipping weight, crated, approximately 400 pounds.

All models of Keesee Equipment are manufactured in what is called the progressive type, that is, the parts of each model are interchangeable with the other. Outward appearance of each are the same.

Effective September 15, 1928, for Pacific Coast States
Cut 106A Model F GASO Hand Operated, visible pump $135.00

History Of The Sinclair Dino Logo

old Sinclair station in New York state

New York State Route 17 Sinclair Station. Doug Kerr from Upstate New York, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sinclair Oil is an American petroleum company that was founded in 1916 in Wyoming. The Sinclair dinosaur logo is one of the most recognizable logos in American history. The logo was first introduced in the 1930’s by the Sinclair Oil Corporation, a major oil company based in the United States. The Sinclair dinosaur logo has undergone several changes over the years, but it remains a beloved symbol of the company's history and legacy.

The story of the Sinclair dinosaur logo begins in 1916, when the Sinclair Oil Corporation was founded. At the time, the company did not have a logo or a recognizable brand identity. However, that all changed in the 1930’s, when the company hired an artist named Dino De Laurentiis to create a new logo. De Laurentiis was an Italian artist who had recently immigrated to the United States. He was known for his ability to create memorable characters and logos, and he was the perfect person to design a new logo for Sinclair. De Laurentiis began working on the logo, and after several drafts, he came up with the now-famous image of a green Brontosaurus (later corrected as Apatosaurus) with the company name written in bold, red letters. The Sinclair dinosaur logo was an instant success. It was unlike anything else in the oil industry, and it quickly became synonymous with the Sinclair brand. The logo was used in all of the company's advertising, and it helped to establish Sinclair as one of the leading oil companies in the United States.

modern Sinclair Oil logo

Modern Sinclair Dino Logo.

Over the years, the Sinclair dinosaur logo underwent several changes. In the 1950’s, the company updated the logo to make it more modern and streamlined. The Brontosaurus was given a more realistic appearance, and the font used for the company name was updated as well. In the 1960’s, the Sinclair dinosaur logo was updated again, this time to reflect the company's interest in space exploration. The Brontosaurus was given a rocket on its back, and the company name was updated with a more futuristic font.

Despite these changes, the Sinclair dinosaur logo remained a beloved symbol of the company's history and legacy. It continued to be used in the company's advertising and marketing campaigns, and it was even featured in movies and television shows. In the 1970s, however, the Sinclair dinosaur logo began to disappear from the company's advertising. The oil crisis of the 1970s had a major impact on the oil industry, and many companies, including Sinclair, were forced to cut back on their advertising budgets. As a result, the Sinclair dinosaur logo was no longer as visible as it had been in previous years. Despite this decline in visibility, the Sinclair dinosaur logo remained a beloved symbol of the company's history and legacy. It continued to be used on the company's products, and it was still recognized by people all over the world.

Sinclair Neon Signs History

Vintage Sinclair Dino Motor Oil Neon SignThe Sinclair Oil company is known for its distinctive green dinosaur mascot, as well as its use of neon signs to advertise its products. Sinclair's first neon sign was created in the 1920’s, and it quickly became a popular way to advertise the company's gas stations and other products. The signs were made by hand, with glass tubes bent into specific shapes and filled with neon gas. (This same process is used by on not only Sinclair items, but every vintage neon sign that we restore features hand blown and bent glass tubes, filled with neon gas, using the same processes that were used in the early-Twentieth Century). By the 1950’s, Sinclair had become one of the largest neon sign manufacturers in the world. 

The company's signs were found at gas stations and other locations across the United States, and they became an iconic part of American culture. Sinclair's neon signs were designed to be eye-catching and memorable, with bold colors and distinctive shapes that made them stand out from other signs. The company's most famous sign was the "Sinclair Dino," which featured a green dinosaur standing on its hind legs and holding a gas pump. This sign was first introduced in 1930, and it quickly became a beloved symbol of the company. 

Despite the rise of LED and digital signs in recent years, Sinclair continues to use neon signs as part of its advertising strategy. The company's neon signs are still made by hand, using the same techniques that were used in the early days of neon sign production. Today, Sinclair's neon signs are considered collectors' items, and they can be found in museums, and private collections around the world. The fact that these signs continue to be in made, more than a century after the first Sinclair neon sign was produced, is a testament to the company's long history and to the enduring appeal of neon signs as a form of advertising.

Vintage Gas Pump Display Carts: Islands With Wheels For Heavy Collectibles

vintage gas pump display carts from

At we make vintage gas pump display carts so that you can conveniently move your vintage visible gas pumps and other heavy collectibles from place to place. These custom islands with wheels can be come built to suit you needs. They can be built to hold one gas pump, or you whole collection, and can also be built for lubesters and vending machines. These vintage gas pump display carts are an original design by award winning artist H.J. Nick, and are hand built in heavy gage steel. The even come complete with electrical wiring so that your pumps can plug right into the island. The are also UL listed.

Finally, a convenient way to display and transport your heavy collectibles. This example includes 25 Foot industrial duty cord with plug wired and 4 duplex electrical outlets. Vintage gas pump display carts can be custom designed to any size, and like all of our products are built custom made to order. They can also be hand finished in any color to match you collectibles or the color scheme of your man cave. The vintage gas pump display carts pictured feature a 1930's-50's era Texaco color theme. They are custom finished to appear as worn and aged concrete colored Texaco red and grease stained in a battleship gray.

Keesee Vintage Visible Gas Pump Info

When we use the terms "Museum Quality" and "Historically Correct," we are indicating our world-class process. We absolutely preserve all original signs, badges, glass with anomalies, natural aged patinas, and everything that makes a vintage item collectable. Maintaining non-structural damage, all age, wear, and tear is proudly displayed to showcase each item's unique charm.

Due to our earned reputation, we have the good fortune to be in high demand by collectors. Because most of our items have a waiting list, if you're looking for a specific collectible, please ask to be put on our first come, first served list (refundable deposit required).

We are the oldest and largest seller of fine art, historically correct, museum quality antiques and genuine, investment quality classic Americana.

World Class Collector Investments

All Vintage Memorabilia Offered Is A Genuine Collectable And Appreciable Asset

All Items Are Of Highest Museum Quality World Class Collector Level


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