Vintage Wurlitzer Juxebox MusicalVintage Wurlitzer Juxebox Musical

Vintage Wurlitzer JukeBox: Rare Original Vintage 1970’s Model 1050 – JB6196

Less Than 2000 Model 1050 Jukeboxes Were Produced In 1973, And Was The Last American Made Machine Produced By Wurlitzer, A Truly Rare Find

Sold In As-Is (Non-Working Condition), But Comes Fully Loaded With 45 RPM Records And Is Perfect For A Home Restoration Project


Vintage Wurlitzer JukeBox: Original Fully Restored 1970's Model 1050

This is a complete, vintage Wurlitzer Jukebox, this rare Model 1050 was the last American made model by the famous jukebox company, and is extremely rare, as less than 2000 of these machines were ever produced. These machines were produced by Wurlitzer in 1973, just before the company was sold, and is not to be confused with later, foreign made replicas. This historic model is a highly sought after, and hard to find piece of Americana. This one is is being sold in as-is, non-working condition as pictured. However, the outside of the machine is in great condition overall, it comes fully loaded with 50, 45 PM records, and is perfect for a home restoration project. Although it was manufactured in 1973, the Model 1050 was designed in the same style as the famous Wurlitzer Jukeboxes from the 1940's and 1950's, and this model is considered to be the last of the great American made jukeboxes. This machine is very popular with collectors, and becoming harder to find as fewer and fewer people are letting them out of their collections. Call us today at 1-800-292-0008  for pricing on this vintage Wurlitzer Jukebox, or any of our collectible vintage vending machines.

Vintage Wurlitzer Jukebox Specifications

  • Type: Coin Operated Jukebox
  • Manufacture: Wurlitzer
  • Model: 1050
  • Capacity: 100 Selections (50 - 45 RPM Records)
  • Serial Number: 816196
  • Date Of Manufacture: 1973
  • Place Of Manufacture: U.S.A.
  • Color: Multi-Colored With Fluorescent Lighting
  • Dimensions: 36 Inches Wide x 60 Inches Tall x 29 Inches Deep
  • Condition: This Jukebox Is Sold In As-Is/Non-Working Condition, However The Machine Itself Is In Great Shape With Working Lights. A Perfect Home Restoration Project That Can Be Repaired To Play Records


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