vintage Hires Root Beer soda coolervintage Hires Root Beer soda cooler

Vintage Hires Root Beer Soda Cooler: Fully Restored Vending Machine – HRB930

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Vintage Hires Root Beer Soda Cooler: Fully Restored Working Vending Machine

Condition: Great, fully restored, not a reproduction, circa 1930s
Dimensions: 42" T x 37" W x 19.5" D

We restored an original Ideal 55 Hires Root Beer soda cooler from the 1930s. This vintage cooler is completely restored to full working condition and is historically accurate. The Hires Root Beer Ideal model 55 soda cooler is known as a "slider" because the bottle slides along the internal rack once a coin is deposited. The oven-baked exterior is in a bright white color with a stainless steel lid. The soda cooler can vend up to five flavors and accommodate different size bottles. The right access door allows you to easily load the vending slider and the pre-cool area.

Rare Vintage Soda Machine for Hires Root Beer

Introduced in 1876, Hires Root Beer is considered the second longest continuously made soft drink in the United States (now marketed by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group). Hires Root Beer was created by Philadelphia pharmacist Charles Elmer Hires after he got a taste for a colonial drink he had while on his honeymoon. He soon developed his own recipe and sold Hires Root Beer in "kits"? that could be mixed with water and sugar, though most customers preferred his pre-bottled version. This genuine vintage soda cooler is restored to museum quality and is in full working condition. It won't last long. Call now for pricing 1-800-292-0008.

Vintage Hires Root Beer Soda Cooler Info

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