Wayne 80 Gas Pump: Original Vintage Petroliana, Mobil Sign & Globe – VGP6226

This Is An Original, 1950’s Era, Dial Faced Electric Gas Pump, It Is Being Sold Reconditioned (As-Pictured), And Has All Original Parts And Manufacture Plates, Not Sold In Working Condition

Includes Metal Mobilgas Pegasus Logo, Die Cut Shield Belly Plate Sign, And Reproduction Capco Globe Light To Match The Original Red And White, Mobilgas Paint Scheme


Wayne 80 Gas Pump: Original Vintage Petroliana, Mobil Sign & Globe

This vintage Wayne 80 gas pump is an extremely rare, original electric gas pump from the 1940's. At, we have a large selection of fully restored vintage visible gas pumps. Our restorations are second to none, because nobody in the business has been doing it longer, or pays as much attention to details. However, if a world class fine art, museum quality restoration, is out of your budget, then this rare, unrestored Bennett 546 pump is the perfect for your collection, and is an ideal item for your first home restoration project. This is a fully original Wayne Model 80, dial face, electric gas pump, with a Mobilgas paint scheme, and signage. It includes a reproduction, Mobilgas capco globe, with working lighting, and a reproduction Mobilgas Pegasus Logo belly plate sign. It measures 76 inches tall by 22 inches wide, and is 17 inches deep. This vintage Wayne 80 gas pumps is a perfect display piece for your gas station themed man cave or game room.

Vintage Wayne 80 Gas Pump Specifications

  • Type: Genuine Vintage Bennett Gas Pump With Original Gas Hose And Nozzle 
  • Gas Company: Mobilgas
  • Make: Wayne
  • Model: 80
  • Date Of Manufacture: 1952
  • Color: Red/White/Blue
  • Dimensions: 76 Inches Tall By 22 Inches Wide By 17 Inches Deep
  • Place Of Manufacture: Salisbury, Maryland, U.S.A.
  • Condition: Fully Reconditioned By Previous Owner/Non-Working Condition With Working Lights As Pictured And Reproduction Capco Gas Glass Globe and Belly Plate

If A World Class Museum Restoration Is Out Of Your Budget

  • When we buy large collections we usually have to purchase every thing in the room. We note restorations or reconditioned items that are not to our 101 point collector standards just for clarity. These items are often very nicely done offered at prices much less than the auction market. Most are not museum or investment quality. However each item offered has been inspected or improved by and H.J. Nick, and is offered as is and guaranteed to be as stated.
  • See our Boneyard listings for other bargains and fix it your self opportunities or many other items that we have determined that may be reproductions or not worthy of our restoration process or improvements by us. 

Note: Due to our earned reputation, we have the good fortune to be in high demand by collectors. We always have a waiting list for most items. We suggest if you are looking for a specific collectable, restored to this level, please ask to be placed on our first come, first served list. (Refundable deposit required.) Call 1-800-292-0008

Wayne 80 Gas Pump Additional Details

This original vintage Wayne 80 gas pump, is sold in original, 3rd party reconditioned, condition (as pictured). This electric, dial face style pump from the 1950's, and the other pumps found in our Affordable Starter Collectibles section are NOT, museum quality restorations. However, these items are guaranteed, authentic, original collectible gas pumps, that have been inspected by award winning artist H.J. Nick and our staff of experts. Our team of experts has several centuries of combined experience, and knowledge in the vintage automobilia and petroliana collectibles marketplace. In other words, our guys have seen it all when it comes to old automotive and gas station collectibles, and know what specific features to look for when it comes to determining the difference between an original item, and a reproduction.

This Wayne 80 gas pump is sold with a reproduction capco Mobilgas Pegasus Logo gas globe, and reproduction metal die cut Mobil Pegasus belly plate sign. This vintage electric gas pump is perfect for your man cave or game room, and is a great affordable starter collectible item, if a fully restored original is outside of your budget. However, if you are looking for a work of genuine fine art, we also offer fully working, museum quality restored vintage visible gas pumps that can be viewed by clicking this link. To inquire about purchasing the vintage Wayne 80 gas pump call us at 1-800-292-0008.

Vintage Gas Pump Restoration Info

  • All brass parts are solid polished original brass
  • Rare collectors preferred original "Milk Glass" globe
  • All sign-age is correct porcelain original era material (no fake foreign made parts or signs used)
  • All internals have been polished and rebuilt
  • Pump is in working order
  • Backed by a century of fine craftsmanship since 1913

We are the oldest and largest restorer of fine art, museum quality, historically correct antiques, and supplier of genuine investment quality un-restored classic Americana (namely signs). Museum quality, historically correct means a world class restoration that preserves all original signs, badges, glass with anomalies, natural aged patina, ect. with non structural damage. All age wear and tear is proudly displayed, when possible, on signage and gas pump globes. Contact the Art Factory for information on restoring your antique gas pumps at 1-800-292-0008.

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