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Toms Vending Machine- Cir – 1950s – SVM900

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This Is A Original Stoner 180M Candy Vending Machine

The Stoner 180M Lighted Peanut, Candy Vending Machine is from the 1950s. It is an 8-selection machine, including a gum and mint selector. The the mirror and lettering and sign-age is original. Vendors like this were used in movie theaters and hotel lobbies.

Dimensions: 65"H x 29"W x 13"D
Manufactured by: Stoner Mfg. Corp. Aurora, Illinois


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More Historical Facts


CHICAGO, Nov. 4.- Although the resumption of peacetime production here was further postponed this week by Uncle Sam's asking manufacturers in this area to supply extra ammunition and supplies for the Pacific war zones, the coin machine "rumor factory" has been turning out an avalanche of claims and counterclaims revolving about what products practically every firm has in the works for the post-war market.


Sifting out verifiable facts is difficult in many cases since manufacturers are naturally reticent about disclosing their plans when the day of reconversion is still so far off. Enough evidence already is at hand, however, to show a definite trend on the part of major firms to diversify their output when peace comes. In other words, juke and game firms are preping new lines, mostly vending machines, not only to increase production volume, but also to avoid having all their eggs in one basket.


Fact that trend is toward supplemental lines of vending machines is in itself evidence of the confidence manufacturers have in the post-war future of automatic merchandising. This trend had already started years before the war when Stoner Manufacturing Company introduced a line of candy venders and O.D. Jennings, Bally and Mills entered the beverage vending field.

Candy Univendor

Manufacturer: Stoner Manufacturing Corp.
Year: 1957
Type: Vending
Sub: Candy


That this trend will gain momentum after the war already is evident. Outstanding example which already has come to light is the fact that Wurlitzer plans to enter the bulk beverage machine field in the post-war era with a machine that they have been developing for some time. This will be the second departure of the firm from the juke-box line. The first was Skee-Ball bowling game which the firm marketed in 1936.


Another firm which is eying the vending field is J.H. Keeney & Company here. Firm has just purchased the former Majestic Radio plant here and is negotiating for an additional 35,000 feet of adjoining land. J.H. Keeney, president of the firm confirmed reports this week that the firm has a cigarette vending machine ready for the post-war market but details are being withheld until the production lines are ready to roll. Prior to the war, firm turned out games, consoles and auxiliary music equipment.


Several manufacturers of gaming devices who had entered the vending machine field before the outbreak of hostilities have already revealed that they will be back with improved products. Stoner Manufacturing Company not only will be back with their line of Univendors but have both a cigarette and a four-flavor selective bottle drink vender ready for the after-war market. O.D. Jennings, which had a large bottle machine before the war, now has perfected a smaller machine with an 85-40 bottle capacity. Argument in favor of small size is that several small machines will prove more desirable in many locations like industrial plants, hospitals, etc., than one or two large machines.


Toms Vending Machine Info

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Due to our earned reputation, we have the good fortune to be in high demand by collectors. Because most of our items have a waiting list, if you're looking for a specific collectible, please ask to be put on our first come, first served list (refundable deposit required).

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