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Vintage Stinker Gas Sign: Original Porcelain Pump Belly Plate – VS6592

This Original Porcelain Sign From The 1950’s Is Just One Of Dozens Of Unique, Rare Petroliana And Gas Station Signs Currently For Sale At; We Are A One-Stop-Shop For Outfitting Your Vintage Service And Filling Station Themed Man Cave

We Have Collectible Memorabilia From All Of The Brands The Serious Collectors Are After, Including Not Only Major Brands Like Texaco, Sinclair And Standard, But Also Rare And Unique Brands Such As This Stinker Gasoline Sign; In Addition To Signs, We Also Have Vintage Visible Gas Pumps That We Have Restored To Original, Working, Museum Quality Condition, Our Vintage Petroliana Restorations Are The Best In The Business Due To Our Commitment To Originality And Attention To Detail


Vintage Stinker Gas Sign: Original Porcelain Pump Belly Plate

This vintage Stinker Gas sign is an original gas pump belly plate advertisement from the 1950's. This sign is round in shape, has a red outer background, and a white background in the center. It reads "Gas For Less, Stinker Stations" in white lettering in the outer red background area. The inner area features a graphic of Stinker's log mascot, a skunk named Fearless Ferris, that is riding on top of a rocket flying through the air. Fearless Ferris is holding a yellow flag that reads "Best In Idaho" in black lettering. The red rocket that he is riding on reads "Fearless Ferris, The Stinker, Name Brand Gas For Less" in white lettering. It is an original gas pump belly plate sign that was manufactured in the 1950's. It is a single sided sign that measures 12 inches in diameter. This vintage Stinker Gas sign is an ideal piece for your vintage gas station themed man cave or game room as it is just the right size to be an eye catching piece, while also not being so large that it takes up too much wall space. It is also the perfect sign for use on a vintage gas pump restoration project.

Vintage Stinker Gas Sign Specifications

  • Type: Genuine Vintage Heavy Metal Porcelain Enamel Sign
  • Shape: Round Gas Pump Belly Plate Sign
  • Sides: Single Sided
  • Company: Stinker
  • Product: Low Cost Gasoline
  • Character: Fearless Ferris
  • Date Of Manufacture: 1950's
  • Country Of Manufacture: U.S.A.
  • Color: White/Red/Black/Yellow
  • Dimensions: 12 Inches Diameter
  • Condition: Original, Unrestored As-Pictured, See Photos For Details

Vintage Stinker Gas Sign Additional Details

The Stinker continues to operate today, with over 105 stations in Idaho, and is popular throughout the northwestern area of the United States. Like all of our vintage porcelain and tin litho signs, this vintage Stinker Gas sign is in original, unrestored condition, as pictured. We sell all of our original petroliana advertising in unrestored condition because it is our belief that each blemish is part of the unique history of that item. This sign is in Excellent/Very Good Plus (Exl/VG+) condition overall, with only some light wear, minor chipping, and discoloration around the outer edges of the sign, and some wear around the hanging grommet areas being of any significance. Minor wear and blemishes around the very edges of the sign, is the most common type of blemish found on these older porcelain signs. There are no large dings, dents, or any damage from wind blown objects. The sign face lettering and graphics are all very clean, and this is likely to be one of the nicest examples of this now over 70-year-old sign as you will find for sale. This vintage Stinker Gas sign, and all of our signs are guaranteed to be authentic, backed by over a century of experience in the antiques and collectibles marketplace. This sign is original memorabilia from one of America's most iconic brands. We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to outfitting your man cave or game room. We can can outfit an entire gas station or automotive themed room for you, or help you find that one special item that has been missing from your collection. In addition to signs, we have vintage visible gas pumps, oil pumps, lubesters, and more, that we have fully restored to working, museum quality condition. Our petroliana restorations are the best in the business because nobody has been doing it longer, or pays as much attention to detail.

This rare vintage Stinker Gas sign is the perfect conversation piece that will wow your friends and clients alike. It can be hung or displayed as a stand alone piece, or used as part of your vintage gas pump restoration project. Upon request, we can restore any vintage gas pump with a period correct, Stinker gas color scheme. These world class fine art restorations include original signage, such as this belly plate, and original pump top lighted milk glass globes when applicable. Like all of our vintage collectible signs, this vintage Stinker gas pump sign is guaranteed authentic, investment quality memorabilia. We specialize in those hard to find signs that serious collectors are looking for. All antique collectibles offered are genuine memorabilia and appreciable assets, not fake reproductions. All items are fine collectible art at the highest world class collector level. Contact us for pricing on this original vintage Stinker Gas sign, or any of our collectible Americana, antique signs, old gas pumps, and classic collectibles at 1-800-292-0008.

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Vintage Stinker Gas Sign Sign Info

When we use the terms "Museum Quality" and "Historically Correct," we are indicating our world-class process. We absolutely preserve all original signs, badges, glass with anomalies, natural aged patinas, and everything that makes a vintage item collectible. Maintaining non-structural damage, all age, wear, and tear is proudly displayed to showcase each item's unique charm.

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